Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 Eek i’ve not blog about my hair in such a long time :) but to be honest my hair routine is pretty basic. I’m not crazy about length ( I never let my grow pass my shoulders but I trying to over come my love for scissors). I was not sure about this blog post because it was kind of a fail and a successful deep treatment.

I love anything coconut for my hair and skin because it penetrates my hair/scalp/skin without leaving me greasy. I decided to experiment with creamed coconut I got from my local ASDA grocery store for £0.74.  My hair was in plaits for almost two weeks and due to the heat wave my scalp got really dry and irritated so I wanted a treatment that was really heavy and creamy hence creamed coconut.

Separated creamed coconut.

1/2 cup of Creamed coconut 
1/2 cup of Aubrey honeysuckle rose conditioner *You can use any conditioner of your choice 
1 drop of Lemon essential oil
3 drops of Peppermint essential oil 
2 drops of tea tree essential oil 
Cling film to wrap the hair

*This measurement was enough for my hair length, you can adjust it to you needs.  


Mix all the ingredients in a disposable plastic bowl
Shampoo hair 
Condition and detangle hair 
After rinsing out conditioner, apply creamed coconut treatment to detangled sections
Wrap hair with cling film for deep condition 
Leave for as long as you want 
Rinse hair and style as usual. 

The results of the DC was fantastic, it left my hair feeling healthy, soft, shiny and bouncy. The fail bit about the DC was the coconut bits in hair OMG I did not realise the cream had bits in it #EPIC FAIL. I tried to rinse it out but it was not working. So like an intelligent lady I  let the hair air dry completely. Then later applied Giovanni’s spray leave-in conditioner ( its a water based leave-in/ heat protector), Tigi cherry almond leave-in conditioner and finally giovanni anti frizz serum ( Yes it sounds like alot of product but I wanted a smooth blow dry and coconut free hair). I set my blow drier on the lowest heat and used a paddle brush to stretch out my hair.

AND boom just like that my hair was coconut free and silky smooth. I put my hair in chunky twists and called it a night. Its ramadan season and I don’t have time to waste on styling my hair.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I don’t know about you all but i’m over this miraculous HEAT WAVE in the UK. I know I should not complain but this country is not well equipped for this kind of heat #phewwe. Anywoo lets get into why we are here in the first place. I’m clearly the kind of lady that will never stop being fussy about her skin. At the start of the summer season my skin was going through a dry patchy phase because I was on strong antibiotics for a long time. Caroline Hirons ( Yes her again) mentioned this serum moisture booster in her interview with the pixiwoo sisters. So I obviously popped by Boots to get the cure to my annoying dry skin. 

The product is manufactured by Indeeds Labs and is sold exclusively at Boots pharmacy UK. Its a serum that was created to boost the moisture levels of your skin AND THATS IT. The hyaluronic acid is deprived from raw materials and organic solvent (Amen to that...way to many animal tested products).
Long story short I love this product because it does EVERYTHING is says, leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple. It does not leave my skin feeling heavy or sticky, and because of this my face moisturiser/target treatment serums  adhere to my skin better allowing my makeup application to look better than normal. I also used it while I was on holiday in Nigeria and can I just mention how beautiful and glowy my skin looked.  I only use a pea sized amount for my face and neck, leave it to sink into my skin for one minute before I apply my dark spot treatment and moisturiser.
I also tried it on my clients with mature skin and dry skin, they were so pleased with the results that I had to order so more of the serum for them. If you’re a makeup artist, I highly recommend you add this to your kit ( You will not regret it I PROMISE). You know when you fly, your skin becomes dry this would really help hydrate your skin way better that cream moisturisers. If like me you thread your brows this serum helps soothe the area, I know that’s not what its meant for but hey there are no rules in this situation. 

I highly recommend this to everyone who is experiencing dehydration and dry patches.

Thats all I have to say...........BYE :)

Monday, July 22, 2013


Morning everyone,

This post is totally not beauty related but I feel I need to blog about it because its an issue that really makes me sick. If you’re new to my blog ( Hello Welcome) My name is Halima Bepo and I’m Nigerian. The last few day have been really disgusting because the senates of Nigeria are trying to make child marriage legal ( God forbid they succeed).

I’m going to make this simple and short ..............Please join me, the citizens of Nigeria and the world stop this law from being passed. These men are trying to legalise child marriage and I as a WOMAN and Nigerian will not stand for it. I refuse to allow such laws be passed. I not will stand and let our young girls be treated like salves in their own country, I will not stand and let old men impose their perverted ways on our young girl. I will not allow my unborn daughters & nieces be witnesses to such horrible laws in the 21st century.


We cant sit and let our baby girls suffer in the hands of criminals. Please share the petition with your co-workers, friends and family. Together we can stop this foolishness and focus on more pressing issues the world faces today.

Also please read Maryam Uwais ’s powerful article on the issue : Senetor yerima and Constitutional review

Thank you all for your continued support and my God reward you dearly.

Ramadan Mubarak.


Thursday, July 18, 2013


I’ve been itching to review this product but life keeps getting in the way ( wipes sweat). I ordered the cleanser from  for £14.95. I discovered this cleanser via at @thisthatbeauty  and @style&beautydoctor when I was planning my new skincare regime. I use the cleanser 2-3 times a week as suggested on the bottle. Its a deep exfoliating cleanser that helps reduce discolouration, exfoliates my skin especially when i’ve been wearing makeup all week. 

Its a herbal based cleanser with chamomile extracts that helps to soothe breakouts. I particularly enjoy using this product because a little goes a long way and it does not strip or over dry my skin. It foams really well leaving my skin really soft and radiant. Over time my pores have reduced in size and I’ve noticed I hardly get blackheads around my nose and forehead ( I’m prone to blackheads than whiteheads). Its also helped reduced scars on my skin over time. The cleanser is NOT for everyday use because using a glycolic cleanser everyday is not ideal for your skin. The cleanser is like a clarifying wash, so basically its a product you use to remove excess build up and dead skin cells. This is definitely going to be in my skincare routine for years to come.

Photo via Mario Badescu site

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Some time in May I posted a haul about the Emma Hardie cleansing balm before I went on a trip to Nigeria ( I had a good time incase you were wondering :) ). If you read my HAUL post, you know I got this after I posted my skin care favourites. Although this was not featured in the video, this product would have definitely made it to the list. Let me just say my skin was doing good but because of Caroline Hirons recommendations on youtube I was curious to try something new. 

I’m 100% glad I got the cleansing balm, its a very unique product compared to all the junk i’ve tried in the past. The balm has alot of natural ingredients and its refreshing to see a brand that’s not chemical crazy.

The Moringa cleansing balm is silky thick creamy texture that melts when its massaged into the skin. I use the balm for my night routine because it removes all my makeup including eye makeup without over drying my skin. The reason why I use it mainly at night is because I can double cleanse my face ( Double cleansing means washing your face twice) without me worrying about my skin getting irritated. Since I started using the balm, i’ve eliminated eye makeup removers from my routine and honestly i’m glad I did. The gentle cleansing balm is prefect for people with sensitive skin as it does not have any harsh ingredients.

The balm is super hydrating and leaves my skin soft and refreshed. It has an amazing relaxing smell that makes me feel like i’m getting a spa facial. The balm has helped improve the texture of  my skin, reduced  the appearance of my pores and so far reduced my breakouts ( the presence of orange and neroli helps prevent breakouts and calms the skin during my special lady visits).  The balm is definitely going to last me a long time as you only need a pea sized amount. I use the Emma Hardie wash cloths ( review of the cloths soon) to clean off the balm by soaking it in warm water, squeezing out the excess and wiping my whole face,eyes & neck area.

This cleanser does not tighten my skin and removes makeup better than any product i’ve ever tried. The balm retails for £34 at Space N K  which is where I purchased my cleanser. Although this a UK brand, It can also be found online at Beauty bay (International shipping available) and Bath & Unwind.
The only issue I have is the packaging, my lid cracked and the tub is too bulky. I like my containers to be simple and space friendly. Travelling with this was a pain as it took up too much space in my toilet bag. Also the heat in Nigeria was not helping matters because the balm melted and leaked alot.

But apart from that, this is an excellent product for every skin type, young, mature woman ( and man).

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I posted a picture of the product on instagram (@halimabepo) when I went to get a hair cut in Maida Vale in May or so. The hair stylist recommended the Mizani H2O treatment cream to help with breakage. Alot of you raved about the treatment when I asked your opinion. 

I’ve been using this cream On and Off for over a month and I so far I really like this cream. Its a thick creamy texture that goes on smooth without leaving a white cast. At first I applied what I thought was a small amount to hair but by the time I woke my hair was super greasy and felt weighted down. I quickly learnt that I needed a small small amount of the cream. 

I applied the cream 2-3 times a week, I noticed a huge difference with hair after 3 weeks for consistent use. The breakage reduced alot and the texture of my hair was extremely soft, shiny & bouncy. This tub will probably last me a long long time and for £14.00 I think thats reasonable for 142g of product. This will definitely going to be a staple in my hair routine because it works and is easily accessible. These days i only go for products I can find at local stores in the UK.  The Night treatment is a good prep for my wash days as it prevents my hair from been too dry when I shampoo. It also makes combing my hair easier. 

I really like recommend this treatment to both relaxed and natural hair ladies (& gents).
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