Saturday, March 30, 2013


I can’t even deny that i’m a skincare junkie and PROUD. However, I’m not one to go GAGA over daily cleansers. For me daily cleansers should be simple and contain ingredients I can pronounce (my opinion). I started using the Alba botanica pore purifying pineapple enzyme cleanser (Its such a long name for a product)  towards the end of December 2012 and I think I discovered it via youtube. I wanted a gentle cleanser that would help with my pore issues and at the same time keep my skin clear.

Photo via Alba
I have nothing but praise for this cleanser, it has a soft gel like consistency that is very similar to aloe vera gel. The cleanser takes away makeup and dirt from my skin without removing excess natural oils from my skin. You know when you cleanse your skin but it feels like you’ve used washing up liquid well this facial cleanser is the opposite. It was easy to incorporate the cleanser into skincare regime without any irritations or breakouts . I usually use it in the mornings because of the fresh pineapple smell, its a good way to kick start my day. I honestly prefer to judge any skincare product I use after three months, because lets be honest ladies we have to deal with hormonal imbalances monthly. So saying a product does not work for you after using it for a week is injustice lol.......well unless you have an allergic reaction.   

As for the pore purifying aspect ( the reason I got the cleanser in the first place) IT WORKS. My pores are not exaggerated like before and if you compare my pictures from November 2012 to now, there is definitely a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. The cleanser also leaves my skin radiant, soft and even. Also I don’t get that many blackheads even during my special time of the month which is a bonus for me because I’m very very very prone to blackheads. 

Basically it does everything its suppose to do so I’m not going to bore you with an essay type review. 

I ordered the cleanser from Amazon UK for £7.11 minus shipping.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


We’ve had builders working in the kitchen for two days now and filming a tutorial on my day off has been NOISY lol but God has a way of working things out for me. My very good wafi sister called me yesterday morning to book a last minute makeup session because she was told she had to be a bridesmaid on the day of the registry wedding ( o_O). 

Anywoo, Its always a pleasure working with my sis, she has been very supportive of my goals and i’m grateful for her presence in my life. I almost got carried away with the makeup but she kept reminding me she was a bridesmaid “ Halima no do bridal for me o, you wan my padi to vex” lol. 

I love how the makeup settled and in my opinion its perfect for a bridesmaid. We decided to skip false lashes for this look and before you say falses ADD to the look, sometimes its really not necessary (to each his/her own). 

I’m going to create two more looks that are suitable for bridesmaids.....All in favour say “HEYYYYY”  

Graftobian OxyDerm moisturiser 
Urban decay | De-Slick in a tube mattifying gel 
Ben Nye olive-brown foundation palette  | Soft Caramel (highlight)
Ben Nye olive-brown foundation palette  | Coco sorbet (contour)
Make Up For Ever | camouflage concealer #16 ( highlight concealer)
Ben Nye | Mojave powder #Golden light ( used to set hightlight) 
Mac | Mineralize skin finish powder #dark (Used to set and add dimension to the face)
La Femme | Sienna blush
Nars | Albatross blush (cheek highlight)
Mac | Definitive contour blush 
Mac | Blacktrack fluidliner 
Make Up For Ever | Brow pencil #3 

Nars | Pro prime E/S primer
Inglot E/S | #406 Rusty gold (lid)
Stila cosmetics E/S | Illimani (Crease)
Make Up For Ever |  #162 true brown (Deep crease)
Make Up For Ever | #164 cafe latte (Brow bone highlight)
Lóreal | Voluminous mascara (Black) 

Revlon | Cheeries in the snow
Revlon | wine with everything
Face atelier lip glaze | Peach

Stay Pwetty

Friday, March 15, 2013



No.7 | shine free matte primer
Lancomé | Teint Idole Ultra 24hr foundation #13
Make Up For Ever | Mat Velvet+ foundation #75
Make Up For Ever | Full coverage concealer #14
Make Up For Ever | Brow corrector #3
Nars | Taj Mahal blush (Orange with gold reflects)
Mac E/S | Embark (Deep brown) contour

Too faced | shadow insurance (Eyeshadow primer)
Stila cosmetics E/S | Batura (Deep blue purple)
Stila cosmetics E/S | Illamani (reddish brown) 
Nars E/S | Persia (Paprika)
Make Up For Ever E/S | #164 ( Café latte)
Jemma Kidd  | liquid liner in Covert (shimmery turquoise)
Inglot | liquid liner (Black)
Maybelline | Gel liner (Black)
Lancóme | Hypnose star mascara (Black)

Nars lipgloss | Stolen kisses

Stay Pwetty

Sunday, March 10, 2013


After a whole year, I finally decided to do the “ABOUT ME” youtube tag. There were different kinds of questions for the tag but the one I thought made sense was the one @bronzegoddess did. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I  enjoyed making it. Have an awesome week everyone.

Stay pwetty

Friday, March 8, 2013


So I’ve been thinking about PWETTYBAMBI alot these days and I think it’s time for change. I started this blog because I was bored when I moved out to ARIZONA for my study year abroad and I needed “something” to do aside UNI work. 

Like everything thing in life, CHANGE is bound to happen. I never in my wildest dream thought I would be DEEPLY interested in makeup artistry let alone decide to make it a career. As a Nigerian child, it’s the norm to dive deep into the field you studied at university (alot of you I’m sure can relate). For a while I knew I was not going to chase a career in “management & logistics” + I was not buying the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn to go serve as a corporate salve. 

NYSC (Nigerian Youth Service Corp) was a great experience for me and I learnt alot but it just made it clear to me that I was not cut out for the corporate world. I refuse to live my life based on what is the “RIGHT” thing to do. I’m not saying working in the corporate sector is BAD, all I’m saying is I did not dig that life. Look at this way some people like Orange juice while others like apple juice and in some cases they HATE both options. 

WHY  I have decided to revamp myself and rebrand my name is because I’ve grown since the birth of PWETTYBAMBI.I want to focus more on building a brand name for my myself and business, but before I did anything drastic I wanted to inform my readers because I owe it to you. You're the reason I’ve held on this long.

I’ve decided to change the name of all my accounts (YouTube, twitter and instagram) from Pwettybambi to Halima Bepo. I will not change the blog name for sentiment reasons and I hope that’s understandable. If you’re already subscribed to these accounts, your feed updates will not be affected.

I’m  currently working on my professional portfolio site and so far so good (I don’t know how you web designers do it but web designing requires PATIENCE).  I’ll let you know when it goes LIVE.

All links to my social media accounts will be posted below.

I will keep you updated as much as I can with future changes.

I hope you stick around.

Please share and get your friends involved.

Thank you


I love me some HONEY. Sometimes I just prefer to use natural ingredients on my skin because if you think about it ALOT of beauty products are made with natural ingredients but the difference is that it's processed AND PROCESSED. Honey has several benefits to our skin and hair. It's a basic ingredient for homemade face or hair masks. 

Honey is a sweet treat for hair & skin because it has the ability to absorb and retain moisture. Honey can be used to treat minor acne and sun burns. This golden syrup has helped me in so many ways its hard for me count. Its been a staple ingredient when it comes to skin and hair care. 

Below are my favourite recipes using honey: 

Honey & lemon face mask
1TSP Honey
1tsp of fresh lemon juice 

This recipe is awesome for people who suffer from hyperpigmentation or acne scarring. If you have sensitive skin I will not advice you to use lemon juice as the acidity level of the lemon might upset your skin. I apply the mixture on freshly cleansed skin. I leave the mixture on for 5-10mins then follow up with my regular toner and moisturiser.

Honey & milk
1cup fresh milk
1/2 cup honey

I’m sure alot you people are familiar with this ancient recipe. This is my go to recipe every time I have an eczema breakouts. The measurement above is for both face and body. After a good wash in the shower, I massage the mix all over my face & body and let it sit on my skin for 20mins before I rinse it off. You can listen to music or watch one of my tutorials while you wait for the magic to happen.

Honey, coconut oil, orange juice & brown sugar body scrub
1/2 cup honey
5 TSP of coconut oil
1/4 Orange juice
1/4 brown sugar

If your want to restore the glow back to your skin, a good body scrub will do the trick. If you don’t like sugar scrubs,sea salt is a perfect alternative.

Honey , coconut oil, argan oil & rhassoul clay
1/4 cup honey
7 TSP of coconut oil
5 TSP of argan oil
1/2 cup rhassoul clay

The measurement for the hair mask should be altered according to the length of your hair. I have collar bone length so this is just about the right amount to cover my hair. Apply to freshly washed,conditioned  and detangled hair. Apply in sections as this prevents the hair from tangling again, then cover with a plastic shower cap for as long as you like to keep your deep conditions in. Rinse and follow with your regular routine.

Remember I’m not a skin specialist or expert. Everyone’s skin is different so I advice you do more research and make sure you do an allergy test before hand.

Stay Pwetty

Thursday, March 7, 2013



No.7 | shine free matte primer
Lancomé | Teint Idole Ultra 24hr foundation #13
Make Up For Ever | Mat Velvet+ foundation #75
Make Up For Ever | Brow corrector #3
Mac | Sweet as cocoa blush
Mac | Blunt blush (Contour)

Too faced | shadow insurance (Eyeshadow primer)
Mac fluidliner | Rich ground (Bronze)
Estée Lauder E/S from the neutral eyes palette  | Chocolate bliss
Mac E/S | Embark (Deep brown)
Nars  E/S  | Persia (Paprika)
Make Up For Ever E/S  | #164 (Café Latte)
Inglot | Liquid liner (Black)
Maybelline | Gel liner (Black)
Dior show | Blackout mascara (Black)

Mac lipstick | Rebel
Mac lipstick | Girl about town
Mac dazzleglass | Internationalist

Stay Pwetty

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