Thursday, February 21, 2013

MAKEUP | NARS Cosmetic Spring 2013 colour collection PERSIA

Finally!!!!!!!!! I got my hands on the beautiful NARS cosmetics PERSIA eyeshadow. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE any product that are have orangey, clayish, coppery, terracotta shades. Its a BEAUTIFUL colour for dark skinned women. NARS is on my top favourite makeup brands because 90% of the time their products are AWESOME. NARS Cosmetics describes the colour as PAPRIKA which I think is spot ON. The eyeshadow is a matte finish & is very pigmented. I also wanted to get the blush that’s in the collection, but my local Nars counter was out of stock o_O. Thankfully the eyeshadow and blush are permanent so you don't have to rush to get it. The eyeshadow retails for £18 but, before you drop your jaws, you get 2.2 g of products so in my opinion its a GOOD price plus their products last a really long time.

Are there any Orange lovers out there or am I alone? #hidesinthecorner


I’m working on improving the way I take pictures of products #thumbsup or #thumbsdown so let me know please!


Monday, February 18, 2013


I composed this long lovely post but blogger deleted it o_O #likeseriouly. I honestly want to relocate this blog to tumblr or something #Imdone #rollseyes. 

Anywoo I’m really excited to read your comments about this tutorial. I was so excited to post it because it turned out wayyyyyyyyyyy better than I expected. I hope you love it as much as I do #enjoy. 

FYI- I’ve gotten a few messages for appointments from my Nigerian readers. For some reason I thought my current location was obvious but I apologise for not making it clear . Anyway I’m currently back home in London and I’m going to be here for a while . I don’t have a solid return DATE to Nigeria but it might be at the end of summer (September ISH) I can take all bookings for Nigeria from September onwards ( If you want to set an appointment please send me a message via the contact form on this blog or the FACEBOOK PAGE) . Thank you :) 

Make Up For Ever | HD elixir 
Make up for ever | camouflage concealer #20 ( orange corrector neutralises blue/dark pigments) 
Temptu | S/B airbrush foundation #7 Golden honey ( used in the inner perimeter of the face) 
Temptu | S/B airbrush foundation #9 Natural Mocha ( Used to add warmth to the face) 
Make Up For Ever | camouflage concealer #16 ( highlight concealer) 
Ben Nye | Mojave powder #Golden light ( used to set hightlight) 
Mac | Mineralize skin finish powder #dark (Used to set and add dimension to the face) 
Make Up For Ever | Sculpting kit #4 (contour kit) 
Nars | blush #Taos ( warm desert rose) 
Nars | highlight blush #Albatross 

Nars | Pro prime e/s primer ( The best e/s primer ever) 
Make Up For Ever e/s | #164 (cafe latte)  Lid 
Stila cosmetics e/s | Illimani (red brown) Transition colour between crease & lid
Make Up For Ever | #162 (true brown) Crease
Yaby dramatically neutral palette E/S - es048 (Matte biege) brow highlight
Mac fluidliner | Black track (jet black) 

Loréal | Voluminous mascara (Carbon black) 
Make Up For Ever | Brow pencil #3 

Mary Kay lip balm
Make Up For Ever | Aqua cream #8 (Red) 
Dior | créme de gloss #845 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


So a lot you asked for a tutorial on the makeup I was wearing in the #SCARF TUTORIAL I posted recently. Well I finally recorded it and I hope you’re all pleased with it.  This is genuinely how I would I apply my makeup if I really wanted to have a full face of makeup. I hardly ever wear makeup to be honest #SHOCKING because I dont have the time too but when I DO get the time, I like to keep it simple & fresh.  To me the ART of makeup is really personal, some people like it to alter their appearance while others like to enhance their features. 

I LOVE the art of softly enhancing my favourite facial features which are my cheeks and eyes.I don’t focus too much on covering my “imperfections” because it means I have too apply more concealer which is pointless when I have too prefer “Ablution” at least two or three times during the day (This is just my personal preference, I don’t apply makeup on my clients the same way as myself) .  I hope this helps everyone and remember practice makes perfect.  

No 7 | Shine free makeup base
Lancomé | Teint Idole Ultra  24HR Foundation #13 #12
Make Up For Ever | Brow corrector #3 (Discounted) 
Nars | Taj Mahal & Liberté blushes 

Mac | Quiet natural paint pot 
Inglot | Liquid liner (Black) 
Lancomé | Hypnose star mascara (Black)  
Estée Lauder | Blackened Sapphire #04 ( Darl navy blue)

Estée Lauder | Hot kiss shimmer lipstick #48
Estée Lauder | Plum divine shimmer lipgloss #08 

Stay Pwetty

Saturday, February 9, 2013


 Graftobian OxyDerm moisturiser
Make Up For Ever | Camouflage concealer #20 (Orange concealer to neutralize brown spots)
Make Up For Ever | Camouflage concealer #16 (Highlight )
Cinema Secrets Ultimate foundation | #103-39A
Nars blushes | Taj Mahal & Liberté
Make Up For Ever | sculpting kit #4 (Contouring)
Ben Nye Mojave powder | Caramel ( Used to set highlight concealer)

Mac paint | Bamboom (Biege-brown with golden shimmer)
Yaby dramatically neutral palette E/S - es098 ( Pale berry) Lid
Yaby dramatically neutral palette E/S - es509 (latte brown) Crease
Make Up For Ever E/S | #162 ( True brown) Deep crease
Yaby dramatically neutral palette E/S - es048 (Matte biege) brow highlight
Make Up For Ever | Brow pencil #3
Mac fluidline | Black track (Black eyeliner)
Lo`real | Voluminous mascara (Carbon black)

Inglot lippencil  | #34
Revlon lipstick | Cherries in the snow
Face Atelier lipglaze | Arctic gold


Stay Pwetty

Monday, February 4, 2013


Something really amazing happened to me earlier today and words cannot even express the joy I feel. My heart is  drowning in happiness, joy & gratitude.

In August 2012 I was blessed with the opportunity to go for Umarh during the month of ramadan ( Best experience ever). After ramadan my family and I stopped over at Dubai to rest & explore the city ( But Halima was too exhausted & slept most of the time) anyway the ONE day I went shopping, I really wanted to check Zara because there had a sale at that time. I came across this beautiful cream lace scarf that I instantly fell in love with but could not buy because it was TOO expensive ( like everything else in that place). I had a priority list I was determined to stick too. So I left Zara heartbroken ( I even asked God to send me something nicer than the scarf .....I know it sounds like a silly prayer but God said “ ask and you shall receive” SO I ASKED LOL )  and when I returned to Nigeria a couple of days later I searched and SEARCHED the internet for my love (the scarf) I found it on the Zara US site but for $80 which was RIDICULOUS in my opinion ( I know some people will say but if you loved it so much why did you not just get it...........well i’m a not that kind of spender).

Fast forward to today 4th February 2013 about 5 months later and guess what? I SAW MY LOVE. Yes I saw the creamy lace scarf #faintsfromshock ......I literally thought I was dreaming, I even looked around to see if anyone else was looking at the scarf.......It was just THERE.....In front of me slightly hidden amongst some other ugly scarves......I sharply grabbed my love and a friend said he will check if the price had been reduced further ( It was on sale for £16.99) and when he took it from me ....I swear I was worried someone will grab it from him and run away lol.....Anywoo my love was reduced to £9 #dancing so I obviously got it :) .

So.................why am I writing a “tales by moon light” (Nigerian tv show) about a lace scarf, well its because of GOD...Yes GOD.......He is the reason I’m happy tonight. There are so many things we want/ need in life but for some reason it does not work out. At that moment we might not understand but as the saying goes “God has a reason for everything" #Bepatient.

 One of my favourite surahs (chapter) from the Quran is Suratu “Ya seen” Sura 36. Its a very powerful chapter (highly recommend it to my muslim family). I always refer back to a particular verse (V.82) which is “ KUN FAYA KUN”  meaning
“Whenever He wills a thing, He just commands it “Be” and it is” *He- is referring to Allah.

When Allah says something is YOURS, trust & believe its YOURS because there is no one as POWERFUL as him. Only him has power over human can ever take away what is yours if Allah has commanded it be for you.

Wallahi after Umarh I rediscovered myself and my purpose in life. I’ve channeled my mind to accept life as Allah has destined it for me. I’m learning to accept rejection, appreciate the people that matter the most more and thanking Allah as much as I can. I’m not a perfect human but I try my best. I’m trying to be better at what I love doing and be happy when i’m doing it.

My message to you all is that NEVER forget who created  you and NEVER forget who you are. Don’t try to please everyone because trust me not everyone is trying to please you. Thrive to be the BEST at what you do as long as its not harming anyone BE GREAT.

Have FAITH in God because he never fails.

Love you
Halima Bepo


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