Sunday, October 13, 2013


You know when you’re excited about reviewing a product and you don’t know where to even start. That’s how I feel about this powder I received from my makeup mentor over the summer.

Jurlique rose silk finishing power is a “ translucent facial powder with precious botanicals designed to minimise oiliness and shine, to help skin feel smooth and look radiant” . I don’t know what else to add but this is on good translucent powder especially for my dark skin. I’ve never had a good experience with translucent powders because of the white cast it leaves on my skin.

This Jurlique powder on the other hand has changed the way I feel about translucent powders. I’m not saying this does not have a white cast on my skin but compared to powders i’ve tried before, it’s way better. I apply the powder with a fluffy dome powder brush.

The powder definitely leaves the skin smooth and radiant but does not really minimise oiliness or shine. I need to blot my skin after 2 hours of application ( which to be honest is normal for me but I was expecting more).

The powder enhances my complexion and does not make my skin look cakey.

As for the packing of the Jurlique powder ; I LOVE it. Its a classic powder case with a power puff & mirror. It’s not the most handbag friendly powder case but I you all know I don’t carry powder in my bag.




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