Thursday, August 1, 2013


I seriously cannot believe its August....where did time go? I have so much on my plate this month its crazy. I hope you are all doing well? Its the last couple of days before we round up ramadan 2013 :) . 

Anywoo I posted this picture below on instagram talking about Dilke ( Traditional kanuri scrub adopted from the Sudanese and birthed in India originally). If you did not know my mum is half kanuri, half hausa so now you understand why i’m beauty obsessed ( To my non Nigerian readers, Maiduguri women are well known for their passion for anything beauty related ). I asked my followers on insta if they wanted to see my recipe ( well technically its my grandmothers recipe but HEY) and a few people were very interested :). 
Turmeric powder is popularly used for brides -to- be as it gives the brides skin a golden glow before her wedding. Turmeric scrub also known as Kurkum in Kanuri is used to scrub the bride 2-3 times a week before their wedding. Some brides start this beautification ritual weeks or months before their wedding. Its usually done by local beauticians or over excited aunts/grannies #rollseyes. 

The treatment helps to brighten their complexion, giving them a more even skin tone. The skin care benefits of turmeric includes the treatment of acne blemishes , removal of black heads (No joke it works with regular use), dark spots, hyper pigmentation. 

Even though I’m not a bride- to- be, I enjoy looking after my skin & hair. Also because of the natural yogurt,honey and lemon used for the scrub, your skin over time becomes really soft and luminous #winkwink at future brides. 

1 cup - Natural yogurt or Milk
1/2 cup - Turmeric 
1/3 cup - Organic honey 
1/4 cup - Fresh lemon juice or lime juice 

*This measurement is enough for 2-3 uses and can be used on the face if its not sensitive. 


* Its recommended to use the scrub after a shower. Don’t apply any body oils or lotions before hand.

*Mix all four ingredients into a bowl.  

*I did not need to add water as the measurements gave me the right consistency.

*I usually do this in the bath and avoid using white towls as turmeric leaves a yellow stain. 

*Rub and scrub the paste on all parts of the body in circular motions. If you’re going to use this on your face please avoid eye area. 

* Leave the paste to dry on the skin for 30 minutes. 

*Rinse with warm water and towel the body. 

*Follow with your favourite body oil. *I mix my body oil with traditional perfume known as humrah but you can use any body mist you own. 

*Make sure you use sunsreen if you have too leave the house. I usually do my scrubs at night because our skin naturally rejuvenates while we sleep. 

So thats it ladies, I hope this post comes in handy for all brides-to-be. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message using the contact form on the top right corner. 

Love + Light 
Halima Bepo 


  1. Hi Halima, thank you for sharing this amazing recipe, can't wait to try it! My only concern would be using turmeric around my white bath tub. Wouldn't it stain it? what has been your experience?

  2. Nice writeup. How can we preserve this product naturally? How can I get natural perfumes to use on products.

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  6. Tnx for sharing this recipe Halima, pls tell me can I use powdered milk?

  7. Tnx for sharing this recipe Halima, pls tell me can I use powdered milk?

  8. thank you for sharing and remain blessed

  9. thank you for sharing and remain blessed

  10. It works like magic my in-laws( Hubby's from borno insisted I do the dilke regime and it works my skin glowed mine was 14days and the sugar and lemon wax #bornowives rock#


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