Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I don’t know about you all but i’m over this miraculous HEAT WAVE in the UK. I know I should not complain but this country is not well equipped for this kind of heat #phewwe. Anywoo lets get into why we are here in the first place. I’m clearly the kind of lady that will never stop being fussy about her skin. At the start of the summer season my skin was going through a dry patchy phase because I was on strong antibiotics for a long time. Caroline Hirons ( Yes her again) mentioned this serum moisture booster in her interview with the pixiwoo sisters. So I obviously popped by Boots to get the cure to my annoying dry skin. 

The product is manufactured by Indeeds Labs and is sold exclusively at Boots pharmacy UK. Its a serum that was created to boost the moisture levels of your skin AND THATS IT. The hyaluronic acid is deprived from raw materials and organic solvent (Amen to that...way to many animal tested products).
Long story short I love this product because it does EVERYTHING is says, leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple. It does not leave my skin feeling heavy or sticky, and because of this my face moisturiser/target treatment serums  adhere to my skin better allowing my makeup application to look better than normal. I also used it while I was on holiday in Nigeria and can I just mention how beautiful and glowy my skin looked.  I only use a pea sized amount for my face and neck, leave it to sink into my skin for one minute before I apply my dark spot treatment and moisturiser.
I also tried it on my clients with mature skin and dry skin, they were so pleased with the results that I had to order so more of the serum for them. If you’re a makeup artist, I highly recommend you add this to your kit ( You will not regret it I PROMISE). You know when you fly, your skin becomes dry this would really help hydrate your skin way better that cream moisturisers. If like me you thread your brows this serum helps soothe the area, I know that’s not what its meant for but hey there are no rules in this situation. 

I highly recommend this to everyone who is experiencing dehydration and dry patches.

Thats all I have to say...........BYE :)

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