Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 Eek i’ve not blog about my hair in such a long time :) but to be honest my hair routine is pretty basic. I’m not crazy about length ( I never let my grow pass my shoulders but I trying to over come my love for scissors). I was not sure about this blog post because it was kind of a fail and a successful deep treatment.

I love anything coconut for my hair and skin because it penetrates my hair/scalp/skin without leaving me greasy. I decided to experiment with creamed coconut I got from my local ASDA grocery store for £0.74.  My hair was in plaits for almost two weeks and due to the heat wave my scalp got really dry and irritated so I wanted a treatment that was really heavy and creamy hence creamed coconut.

Separated creamed coconut.

1/2 cup of Creamed coconut 
1/2 cup of Aubrey honeysuckle rose conditioner *You can use any conditioner of your choice 
1 drop of Lemon essential oil
3 drops of Peppermint essential oil 
2 drops of tea tree essential oil 
Cling film to wrap the hair

*This measurement was enough for my hair length, you can adjust it to you needs.  


Mix all the ingredients in a disposable plastic bowl
Shampoo hair 
Condition and detangle hair 
After rinsing out conditioner, apply creamed coconut treatment to detangled sections
Wrap hair with cling film for deep condition 
Leave for as long as you want 
Rinse hair and style as usual. 

The results of the DC was fantastic, it left my hair feeling healthy, soft, shiny and bouncy. The fail bit about the DC was the coconut bits in hair OMG I did not realise the cream had bits in it #EPIC FAIL. I tried to rinse it out but it was not working. So like an intelligent lady I  let the hair air dry completely. Then later applied Giovanni’s spray leave-in conditioner ( its a water based leave-in/ heat protector), Tigi cherry almond leave-in conditioner and finally giovanni anti frizz serum ( Yes it sounds like alot of product but I wanted a smooth blow dry and coconut free hair). I set my blow drier on the lowest heat and used a paddle brush to stretch out my hair.

AND boom just like that my hair was coconut free and silky smooth. I put my hair in chunky twists and called it a night. Its ramadan season and I don’t have time to waste on styling my hair.

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