Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I’m very excited about FINALLY reviewing my NARS cosmetics blushes (Retail £24). NARS cosmetics has been in my good books since the first time i got their award winning blush Taj Mahal. Nars is well known for their intense pigmentation and sleek packaging. Although Nars is considered a luxury brand, I personally think its worth every penny. With Nars you get your money’s worth and more. Compared to other brands Nars gives you more grams of product and because of the intense pigmentation of their products, it lasts you longer than the average brands.
Taj mahal | blazing burnt orange with golden shimmer 
Taj Mahal is described as a “blazing burnt organge with golden shimmer”. This award winning blush is beautiful on women with olive to dark skin women. It applies smooth and gives a radiant glow to the cheeks. Like all Nars blushes a little goes a long way. The texture of the blush is silky and the shimmer is finely -milled. When blended properly the blush leaves your skin with a golden glow and orange tint thats not offensive.
Taos | Warm desert rose
Taos Everyone needs a warm rose blush, Nars describes this blush as a “warm desert rose” in simple English its a burnt rose shade with micro shimmer/sheen. Taos is an extremely pigmented blush that will suit  almost all skin tones but must be applied carefully. Taos lasts practically the whole day on me compared to other Nars blushes I own.
Liberté | Burnished apricot 
Liberté there is just something about peach,orange,terracotta tones on olive and dark skin women that gets me all excited. If your familiar with the maasai tribe (Kenya) you know how beautiful they look when they use clay to beautify themselves. Liberte is a warm apricot shade that reminds me of clay. The reddish orange tones compliments tanned skin so well. Its a very pigmented matte blush that should be applied lightly.
Albatross | Luminous glow
Albaross Before you jump to conclusion, this is not a white blush. Its actually a luminous golden highlighting blush. A highlighting blush is used to enhance features such as your cheekbones and brow bone. Albatross is a universal highlighting blush that suits every skin tone in the book. Its a silky textured blush that should be applied with a light hand.  When paired with other blushes with a matte finish, it leaves the skin looking luminous. Albatross is not designed to add any colour to the skin rather its made to illuminate the skin without exaggerating your pores.
L-R Taj mahal, Taos,Liberte and Albatross

        All Nars blushed and eyeshadows have the same sleek, stylish and velvet textured black packages.

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  1. How do you get your makeup to last long in Nigeria? I'm worried that the heat would take it all away


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