Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Brows like I said in the video are VERY personal, no one is the same and thats why when trying to learn how to groom or fill in your brows, don’t try to copy every single thing I’ve done. Instead, adopt my tips to suit your needs/preference. Mastering brows can take some time and practice. If you’re a beginner with brows, analyse your face face (different face shapes require different brow shapes).

Below is a useful chart I found online. It should guide you with discovering what kind of brows will suit your face. Also remember that not everyone needs to tweeze, thread or wax their brows. Some of you lucky ladies were blessed with perfect brows #jealous.

Click HERE for the pdf face chart.

Below are tools I use to groom my brows and my clients ( obviously I have a separate set for my clients). These are basic tools you can find in your local drug store or market.

When it comes to which products to use to fill in your brows, I personally prefer wax/gel based products because there give me longer staying power. However, this might not work for Miss A or Miss C. For beginners, I recommend you start off practicing with a pencil especially if you do not have steady hands. When you eventually get the hang of using a pencil you can then upgrade your gear to a brow brush, I LOVE my brow brushes because I feel I achieve better results with them ( personal preference).  

TOP- Illasmasqua brow brush & mascara wand. L-R Mac E/S Embark, Mac fluidline-dip down, MUFE brow corrector gel #3 (discontinued)  and MUFE brow pencil#3.


I hope the tutorial helps /guides you on how you can achieve natural looking brows. 

P.S We reached over 2000 subbies on youtube. Thank you so much for the support over the years i’m really grateful for each and everyone of you xxx

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