Thursday, May 2, 2013


 You know when you’ve had something on your wish list for over a year and it starts to feel like you will never be able to get it EVER. Well with God all things are possible even when its beauty related lol.

I’ve wanted this makeup portfolio for so long that when it finally hit the UK I jumped like cat that got water gunned.........ok I’m exaggerating.

Anyway, I decided to get the portfolio for a couple of reasons :

* I deserved it :)
* Its unique compared to other travel makeup cases.
* It’s an excellent/stylish way to travel with my makeup ( I move around alot so its PURRFECT).
* Its a beautiful dark brown textured material that I can’t really describe. 


 The portfolio comes with 4 zippered mesh bags, 2 Medium bags , 1 large bag and 1 small slim bag. The mesh bags are magnetic and can be removed or reorganised as you please. It has a removable brush/pocket holder that fits in between both sides of the portfolio. An empty refillable 6-well and 3-well palette which is very beautiful but will not be getting filled anytime soon because I think their eyeshadows/lipsticks are a tad pricey + I don’t need any makeup at the moment.

The portfolio is actually bigger than it looks in pictures but not bulky + it’s made of a hard shell that prevents your makeup from getting crushed while you travel. Surprisingly it fits more makeup than I anticipated, if I pack exactly all the makeup I need to travel, I will be able to neatly pack travel size skincare products.

Filled for presentation purposes 

Having all my makeup neatly packed in one case is a dream because is the past I had two separate awkward shaped bags for travelling with makeup. As for mesh bags, only one side is meshed and the other side is not.

 The brush holder holds 8 brushes which works well for me because I can travel with all my essential brushes. It holds 2 large brushes and 6 small brushes. The brush holder also has a flap to protect the brushes from getting ruined and stop makeup from transferring to the mesh.
 Lastly, on the other side of the removable brush holder, there is a pocket that can be used to store what ever you want. I will definitely be using it to for my palettes. Travelling with palettes is easier, convenient and takes up less space.

I filled up the portfolio to give you an idea of what the case will look like with products in it. I really really love the case and even though I thought really hard before I bought ( almost returned) the £65 case that does not come with makeup, I still think it was a good investment. I’m a sucker for anything related to makeup/organisation. Both the interior and exterior of the portfolio is made of really good quality material, the exterior zip feels/looks like it will last a long time. FYI there is a smaller version of the Portfolio :) .

UK residents can find Laura Mercier at




P.S -All these stores have different offers available. Also it’s limited so get now if you really want it.

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