Monday, April 29, 2013


Sometimes black eyeliner can be boring but the perfect way to amp up your makeup look without using bright colours is by applying a navy blue pencil liner. Navy blue liners work very well with every skintone and it creates the illusion of bigger brighter eyes (My opinion).

Lately, I’ve been really into my neutral and brown looks and I know alot of ladies will appreciate this tutorial. I hope you’re all having a great week?

No.7 beautifully matte primer
Lancôme | Teint Idole Ultra Foundatio #13
Make Up For Ever | Mat Velvet+ Foundation #75 
Make Up For Ever | Full Cover Concealer #14
Mac | Contour blush powder #Blunt
Nars Cosmetics | Taos blush
Nars Cosmetics | Albatross highlight blush 
Make Up For Ever | Brow corrector #3

Too Face | shadow insurance (E/S primer) 
Stila E/S | Chinchina 
Yaby E/S | Soft taupe brown 035 (Lid)
Make Up For Ever E/S | Chocolate #138 (crease)
Make Up For Ever E/S | Dark chocolate #172 (deep crease)
Make Up For Ever E/S | Cafe Latte #164
Estee Lauder pure colour intense kajal liner | Blackened sapphire
Yaby E/S Black 154
Yaby E/S | Dark navy blue 511
Dior show | Blackout mascara
Lanôme | Hypnose star mascara

Mac lipstick | Spice it up
Mac lip gelee | Saplicious

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Have I ever mentioned my love for makeup shopping especially when its for clients. I really really love when my clients ask me to revamp/update their makeup bags. As the seasons change so should your makeup, alot of people believe it or not don’t know makeup expires. I’ve seen some..................lets not even go into that.

Back to my clients makeup bag, she wanted to introduce fresh makeup, trash what I thought she no longer needed and learn how to use her new makeup. She did not have a budget but had a list of items she needed. So we booked a shopping date and the rest was history lol.


1* “What do I need to trash?” A lot of times we women just love to hug products but trust me some products just need to GO. I don’t care if your sister best friend daughter mother aunt gave it to you the christmas of 1957. If its gone pass the expiration date TRASH IT.

2* “What do I NEEEEED?” Notice how I emphasised the word “NEED” buying makeup you don’t need is a waste of money. You will probably never use it or it expires. These days I only get makeup for myself when I finish two or three products. For example, if I run out of eyeliner, an eyeshadow or powder, I’m only allowed to get those exact items or any other item AS LONG AS ITS THREE ITEMS. It’s difficult I know but its a good way to discipline yourself.

3* “What’s my current lifestyle?” Yes this needs to be considered because the makeup you use has to suit your lifestyle. If you’re a swimming teacher you don’t want to be just any need to get a waterproof liner.....Am I making any sense? I hope so.

4* “ Whats my budget?” Don’t go some crazy “I just broke up with my boyfriend” shopping spree....Not a wise move because the bill is on you NOT your ex #justsaying. Read 1,2 and 3 this will help you figure out how much you need to spend. Also prioritise your list ( i.e £25 Foundation, £7 lipstick, £2 lip balm and so on).

These are the basic things I think you should consider when thinking about revamping your makeup bag.

Items I trashed
Although my client had a list, she did not specify which brands she preferred. She was open to discovering new brands #dancing. I was really happy she gave me the opportunity to introduce her to products and brands I knew would work well with her current lifestyle and skin type.  
Nars-The happening palette
Of course I only recommended the best to her and she loved every single product.

We got everything except the NARS limited edition palette from our local boots store. Yep!!!! you read right we went shopping for amazing makeup at a drug store. So we picked up

1* Real Techniques -Core collection brush kit

2* Real Techniques -starter brush kit

3* Lancôme- Teint Idole Ultra foundation

4* Maybelline - Eye studio long
lasting gel liner

5*Nars limited edition-The happening palette

6* No7 lipstick

7* No7 beautifully matte primer

I trashed what she no longer needed, got all she needed to suit her lifestyle and lastly she stayed on BUDGET.

I managed to keep some of her existing makeup and showed her how to get the best out of her new and old makeup. She learnt how to create a daytime look and a romantic night time look using her new and old products.

Now you know what to do if you decide to reorganise your makeup kit. Just follow the guidelines and you will be fine.

*Get brush sets because it works out cheaper and you get the brushes you really need.

*Also grab palettes. I’m a fan of palettes because its cheaper than buying singles and easier to travel with.

*Mix the drug store brands with the luxury brands. Its a healthy makeup bag diet.

* Have fun with it. xxxx

Sunday, April 14, 2013


 Make Up For Ever | HD primer 
Urban Decay | De Slick In A Tube (Mattifying primer)
Cinema Secrets ultima foundation | 104-41
Make up for ever | camouflage concealer #20 (orange corrector neutralises blue/dark pigments) 
Make Up For Ever | Full cover concealer #14 (highlight concealer) 
Make Up for Ever | Super matte loose powder #16
Make Up For Ever | Sculpting kit #4 (Contour kit) 
Iman cosmetics | Sheer finish bronzing powder #Clay
Nars blush | Taj Mahal

 Mac | Greasepaint stick #Uniformly blue (Dark blue) lids
Inglot E/S | #61 (Dark deep blue with blue reflects glitter)lids
Yaby dramatically neutral palette E/S - es035 (rusty brown) crease
Yaby dramatically neutral palette E/S - es048 (Matte biege) brow highlight
Mac | Smolder eyeliner
                Make Up For Ever | Brow corrector gel #3 (Discontinued product) 
Maybelline | Great lash mascara #black


Mac lip pencil | chestnut (true brown)
Mac lip stick | Spirit (nude pink)
Mac lip glass | Oyster girl

Monday, April 8, 2013



No.7 | shine free matte primer
Laura Mercier | Tinted moisturiser #Mocha
Lancomé | Teint Idole Ultra 24hr foundation #13
Make Up For Ever | Duo Mat powder foundation #216
Iman cosmetics | Sheer finish bronzing powder #Clay
Mac | Contour blush powder #Blunt
Make Up For Ever | Full coverage concealer #14
Make Up For Ever | Brow corrector #3

Too face | shadow insurance (eyeshadow primer)
Inglot E/S | #446
Inglot E/S | 434
Inglot E/S | 29
Make Up For Ever | Darl purple #160
Make Up For Ever | Dark rasberry #58
Make Up For Ever | Cafe latte #164
Inglot | Liquid liner (Black) 
                                      Lancóme | Hypnose star mascara (Black)
Dior show | Blackout mascara

Mac lipgelee | Saplicious

Stay Pwetty

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I got the pineapple scrub the same time I got the Alba botanica facial cleanser. I wanted to try something new since I did not own any face scrubs. To be honest its an OK scrub and I was not excited about it at all. The only reason i like this scrub is because it leaves my skin really radiant and soft. It does not exfoliate the way I prefer.

Photo vis

I like my scrubs to have a lot a granules in order for me to feel like I've properly exfoliated my skin. I do love the creamy texture of the scrub, also the presence of aloe vera, vitamin E and jojoba helps to moisturise my skin. I purchased mine from Amazon UK for £7.69 minus shipping. 

Overall, I think its a good scrub that gives basic results THE END. 

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