Saturday, March 30, 2013


I can’t even deny that i’m a skincare junkie and PROUD. However, I’m not one to go GAGA over daily cleansers. For me daily cleansers should be simple and contain ingredients I can pronounce (my opinion). I started using the Alba botanica pore purifying pineapple enzyme cleanser (Its such a long name for a product)  towards the end of December 2012 and I think I discovered it via youtube. I wanted a gentle cleanser that would help with my pore issues and at the same time keep my skin clear.

Photo via Alba
I have nothing but praise for this cleanser, it has a soft gel like consistency that is very similar to aloe vera gel. The cleanser takes away makeup and dirt from my skin without removing excess natural oils from my skin. You know when you cleanse your skin but it feels like you’ve used washing up liquid well this facial cleanser is the opposite. It was easy to incorporate the cleanser into skincare regime without any irritations or breakouts . I usually use it in the mornings because of the fresh pineapple smell, its a good way to kick start my day. I honestly prefer to judge any skincare product I use after three months, because lets be honest ladies we have to deal with hormonal imbalances monthly. So saying a product does not work for you after using it for a week is injustice lol.......well unless you have an allergic reaction.   

As for the pore purifying aspect ( the reason I got the cleanser in the first place) IT WORKS. My pores are not exaggerated like before and if you compare my pictures from November 2012 to now, there is definitely a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. The cleanser also leaves my skin radiant, soft and even. Also I don’t get that many blackheads even during my special time of the month which is a bonus for me because I’m very very very prone to blackheads. 

Basically it does everything its suppose to do so I’m not going to bore you with an essay type review. 

I ordered the cleanser from Amazon UK for £7.11 minus shipping.

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