Saturday, January 19, 2013


Yes it's another mobile beauty blog post. I really love the fact that I can blog from my phone without leaving my bed .

Anywoooo, like I mentioned in precious post I've become obsessed with my skin. I'm determined to sort out my hyperpigmetation issues but now I suffering from dry skin o_O which is weird for me because I have combination skin ( oily on the T-zone and normal on my cheeks). I concluded the weather had something to do with it . At the moment it's −1degrees in London/snowing , the dry heat coming from the radiator  & lastly HARD water. These are only reasons I #think I have dry skin now.

I've been using the Liz Earle intensive nourishing treatment mask every morning for a while and I have to say it does exactly what it says. It's a mask that rehydrates and soothes the skin. It basically restores the moisture levels of my skin in just 10-12 minutes. The mask is a thick creamy paste that can be applied all over the face and neck ( I apply it on my lips as well) it's my quick fix to hydrated skin. The ingredients are simple, the packaging is travel friendly and it suits all skin types. I've been using it daily for over two weeks now with no problems at all.

The mask also helped me during the harmattan (dry season) in Abuja, Nigeria . If you live in Nigeria especially in the north, you know how harmattan can dry our hair and skin with no mercy. So if your looking for a nice fairly priced product to rehydrate your skin, I definitely recommend this mask 100%.

Don’t judge my masked face :p
I will definitely be repurchasing the mask because it works and my skin likes it.

Question of the day- what products do you use to keep your skin hydrated?

Keep warm darlings and don't forget to moisturise your skin.

Stay pwetty


  1. I just started using the body shop hemp face protector, (1 week) and so far it working and helping me combat the snow without being oily. I wonder if anyone has tried using it in Nigeria.

  2. @ lizzie——Thanks for sharing :).... Maybe someone might post a reply.

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