Thursday, January 31, 2013

HAIR CARE | ROSE BOX ( January box)

Ever since I moved back home (London) , I’ve been slightly obsessed with my hair and I blame my sister because she recently did her big chop and now she is a crazy product junkie. Since we live in the same house , I cannot avoid being a junkie too ( I’m not as bad as her though). I’m focused when it comes to my hair because we have reached a place where I know what works best for me and what we need to live in peace. 

I came across this company called ROSE BOX via a UK based natural hair site and as usual I curious to find out more. ROSE BOX is a subscription service for women with natural hair in the UK. I placed an order for the January box but opted to order the ONE-OFF box because I was not interested in the 12 months subscription ( I don’t want to have too many products in my room because I cannot stand clutter). 

I received the January box I think two weeks ago and to be honest at first I was disappointed ( Story for another day) but after I went through the box again, I was pleased I ordered the box. The box was well thought out. Everything in the box is perfect for the winter months ahead. It’s the perfect survival kit for winter.  I was suppose to receive three full sized products but there was a mix up with my order which has been sorted.  

Rose box content
Aubrey Honeysuckle rose moisturising conditioner | Full size 

Fro her shea sensation | Full size 

Giovanni tea tree triple treatment shampoo | Sample size 

Giovanni direct lave in conditioner | Sample size 

Naturalista juicy leave-in conditioner | Sample size 

Rose box January issue2 magazine 

So far I’ve tried the Aubrey conditioner ( I’m not kin on it).....I’ve also tried the Naturalista juicy leave-in conditioner ( Love it).....the Giovanni shampoo has been a staple product in my routine for a couple of years now. I’ve tried the Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner in the past and HATED it but I might revisit it when I’m bored. Lastly the Fro her brand is new to me.  The Rose box magazine explains more about the products in the box and also gives some good hair tips at the back.

Overall I’m happy with the box :) 

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