Thursday, January 31, 2013

HAIR CARE | ROSE BOX ( January box)

Ever since I moved back home (London) , I’ve been slightly obsessed with my hair and I blame my sister because she recently did her big chop and now she is a crazy product junkie. Since we live in the same house , I cannot avoid being a junkie too ( I’m not as bad as her though). I’m focused when it comes to my hair because we have reached a place where I know what works best for me and what we need to live in peace. 

I came across this company called ROSE BOX via a UK based natural hair site and as usual I curious to find out more. ROSE BOX is a subscription service for women with natural hair in the UK. I placed an order for the January box but opted to order the ONE-OFF box because I was not interested in the 12 months subscription ( I don’t want to have too many products in my room because I cannot stand clutter). 

I received the January box I think two weeks ago and to be honest at first I was disappointed ( Story for another day) but after I went through the box again, I was pleased I ordered the box. The box was well thought out. Everything in the box is perfect for the winter months ahead. It’s the perfect survival kit for winter.  I was suppose to receive three full sized products but there was a mix up with my order which has been sorted.  

Rose box content
Aubrey Honeysuckle rose moisturising conditioner | Full size 

Fro her shea sensation | Full size 

Giovanni tea tree triple treatment shampoo | Sample size 

Giovanni direct lave in conditioner | Sample size 

Naturalista juicy leave-in conditioner | Sample size 

Rose box January issue2 magazine 

So far I’ve tried the Aubrey conditioner ( I’m not kin on it).....I’ve also tried the Naturalista juicy leave-in conditioner ( Love it).....the Giovanni shampoo has been a staple product in my routine for a couple of years now. I’ve tried the Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner in the past and HATED it but I might revisit it when I’m bored. Lastly the Fro her brand is new to me.  The Rose box magazine explains more about the products in the box and also gives some good hair tips at the back.

Overall I’m happy with the box :) 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This was suppose to be a collaboration video with another blogger but we decided to postpone it till further notice . I hope the tutorial helps someone. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Yes it's another mobile beauty blog post. I really love the fact that I can blog from my phone without leaving my bed .

Anywoooo, like I mentioned in precious post I've become obsessed with my skin. I'm determined to sort out my hyperpigmetation issues but now I suffering from dry skin o_O which is weird for me because I have combination skin ( oily on the T-zone and normal on my cheeks). I concluded the weather had something to do with it . At the moment it's −1degrees in London/snowing , the dry heat coming from the radiator  & lastly HARD water. These are only reasons I #think I have dry skin now.

I've been using the Liz Earle intensive nourishing treatment mask every morning for a while and I have to say it does exactly what it says. It's a mask that rehydrates and soothes the skin. It basically restores the moisture levels of my skin in just 10-12 minutes. The mask is a thick creamy paste that can be applied all over the face and neck ( I apply it on my lips as well) it's my quick fix to hydrated skin. The ingredients are simple, the packaging is travel friendly and it suits all skin types. I've been using it daily for over two weeks now with no problems at all.

The mask also helped me during the harmattan (dry season) in Abuja, Nigeria . If you live in Nigeria especially in the north, you know how harmattan can dry our hair and skin with no mercy. So if your looking for a nice fairly priced product to rehydrate your skin, I definitely recommend this mask 100%.

Don’t judge my masked face :p
I will definitely be repurchasing the mask because it works and my skin likes it.

Question of the day- what products do you use to keep your skin hydrated?

Keep warm darlings and don't forget to moisturise your skin.

Stay pwetty

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MAKE UP | PEACHY #Guest model


Yes!!!! its another guest model being featured on the youtude channel and as usual its something new. I’ve always been a visual person that loves to creative exactly what I’m thinking. I always create looks in my head and then wait till I think or find the right model for that particular look. The model above was the perfect face for this look. Orange is my favourite on women of colour. Although the model is biracial I wanted to feature orange without it looking over the top. The beautiful thing about makeup is that you can wear any colour you want but you just need to find the right “TONE” for you. So if you like a blue eyeshadow, when you get to a makeup counter swatch all the blues they have 
(well thats if you have time lol), try different finishes ( Matte, frost, satin, shimmer etc). 

 Embryolisse lait creme concentrate (Moisturiser)
Temptu S/B primer 
Temptu S/B airbrush foundation | #7 Golden Honey
Cinema secrets ultimate foundation | #303-66A ( highlight )
Cinema secrets ultimate foundation | #202-20 ( contour) 
Rimmel sun summer bronzing compact powder | light matte 
Mac mineralize skinfinish natural | Medium deep ( Used to set all over the face) 
Estee Lauder soft shimmer bronzer | #2 bronze goddess ( Used as a blush/cheek highlight) 

Mac paint pot | Rebenesque (Golden peach w/gold pearl) Lid
Make up forever E/S | #24 ( cantaloupe ) Crease 
Make up forever E/S | #36 ( rust orange) Crease & outer V
Stila E/S | Chinchina ( beige ) 
Mac fluidliner | Dip down (Deep dark brown) & Rich ground (Frosty red bronzy brown) 
Make up forever | #4 ( matte black mixed with MUFE eye seal) Upper lash line
Mac eye pencil | Smolder ( Used to liner water line) 
Mac fluidline | Black track ( black) Used to darken waterline 
Benefit cosmetics | Brow zings ( Dark)
Loreal | voluminous mascara ( carbon black) 
Stardel lashes | 747s

Mac lipliner | Half red 
Mac lipstick | Sandy B 
Mac lipgloss | Pink lemonade 

Stay pwetty

Sunday, January 6, 2013


This might be old news to some of you but just in case you missed it, I was featured on Mtv VOICES #woohoo.

For my new readers (Hello and welcome) I started this blog during my study year abroad in Arizona USA................. Click on the pictures to find out the rest of the gist.

Thank you all for the support over the years XXX

MOBILE BEAUTY | Lancôme Genifique

I'm sure you are wondering what the HECK is mobile beauty..... To be honest I just made it up in my head because I'm blogging about a beauty product from my phone :) #smartypants

If you read my Lancôme haul link HERE You would remember the gift I got from the counter. This is the first time I've ever loved everything single in a free gift set well except the lipstick because the colour looked nasty on me (not that I expected it to blow my mind)............ other than that every item in the gift set was great.

My favorite out of everything I got was the Genifique (youth activator). I've been using this for about a week and so far so GREAT. My skin is a little bit radiant, a little bit even and the texture of my skin is smooth howeverrrrrrr, this is not an official review because the tube is very tiny to judge it fully.

I'm thinking about getting a full size bottle which cost £56 #ouch but Fenwick still has some on Christmas offer for £46 and it comes with the eye concentrate which is £38.50.

Anyway, I'll let you ladies know if I get the full size. I'm still contemplating if its worth the price and instant gratification.

Has anyone tried this product? Do you like it?

Please leave a comment.

Stay pwetty

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I’m hoping everyone had a good new year? I spent mine watching Shrek with my mum who loves animations. Anyway I decided to kick off this years first blog post with a skin care review because I know someone out there has a skincare resolution. For the past 2 months ( well since I moved back to London), I’ve been of a skincare craze. I found myself reading ALOT Of skincare product reviews. 

Back to the review...............If you follow me of Instagram, you would definitely recognise these products. I started using liz Earle products because I needed a cream cleanser and  the only one I could think ( make skin was dry and sun burnt) of was the CLEANSE & POLISH from liz Earle. I got the TRY-ME KIT for my mum two summers ago and she has since been loyal to their products ( I could not question her loyalty because her skin looks AWESOME). Anywoo, since I was clearly in Nigeria, obviously I had to get my mum to send me products. 

If there is one thing I love about Liz earle for is their monthly offers. Every month they have a like a gift set with your essential products (picture above) & an extra full size complimentary product for £41.00. As a customer this makes a lot of sense to me because this means I get to try out of products from the brand for less. 
I’m sure you could tell from the first couple of lines that this is going to be a positive review. Liz Earle’s  pride product is their CLEANSE & POLISH hot cloth cleanser. This creamy cleanser has won a ton of well deserved awards. Although I have combination to oily skin, the product works for all skin types and ages. Cleanse & polish is a cleanser that removes dirt and makeup (even eye makeup) from the skin. It leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and soft. The cleanser is accompanied with a muslin wash cloth (not featured in the picture). Basically you massage the cleanser on to dry skin and then soak the muslin cloth in hand hot water, use the cloth to take off the product. For me this is good because using muslin cloths is a gentle way to exfoliate your skin. This is already a permanent product in my skin care regime. I’ve discovered that my skin likes products with simple ingredients ............. nothing that will interfere with its natural healing process. Over time my skin has really improved in appearance and texture. If your looking for a natural gentle cleanser that “WORKS” this is the cleanser for you. 
Hmmmm the toner, to be honest I’m not a toner kind of lady because I’ve never really understood their existence. HOWEVER!!!!! all that changed when I tried the INSTANT BOOST SKIN TONER. Its not those very harsh toner that almost feels like your getting a chemical peel when it lands on your skin. The Liz Earle skin tonic is more like the ray of sun shine kind of toner lol. Its a very soothing toner on the skin. It takes off any left over dirt on the skin and somehow restores the skins nature moisture . I really like this toner especially around my eyes. Sometimes after taking off eye makeup the eye area can feel a tad dry but the toner helps fix it. Also it leaves my skin soft and radiant. The ONLY thing I do not like about the toner is the SMELL, I don’t like rosey/ floral scents in my skincare or makeup products, I think its unnecessary and some of us have sensitive noses but all the same I will buy it again and again.

Let me just say I have a love-hate relationship with this moisturiser but lets talk about the LOVE relationship first. I like this moisturiser because it does everything it says but I HATE it because after an hour my skin gets sooooo shiny .............let me mention that it does not work well under my makeup. So I only use it on the days I know I will not be slapping on some brown cake AKA foundation. I dont like to bash products that do not work for because I do not want to discourage others but I will not be repurchasing this moisturiser for sure.

If you really want to try out LIZ EARLE they offer mini TRY-ME KITS at good prices. This way you do not have to spend a truck load of money on something you may not like. Also remember that what works for MISS A might not WORK for MISS B. Skincare is an individuality thing.......everyones experience is different.

Lastly Liz Earle is a British brand (wooohooo) so my British beauties you dont have to hustle for this brand as its just at your backyard. To my Nigerian beauties unfortunately its a case of asking someone abroad to get you some products :(.......but trust me its worth the hassle because the products work well with our tropical weather. 

For more information visit LIZEARLE.COM ....Did I mention there is a SALE going on as you read. 

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