Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SKIN | Maintenance

last night-No foundation and powder
I have a confession don't take it personal......lol.... I just had to say that. Since moving to Nigeria, I 

have struggled with my skin. Its normal for my skin to act up everytime I move to a new environment. 

So finding a regime that works with the climate has been challenging. Anywoo, I have dropped the 

products I used in my skincare regime + post not because I do not like it but because it was no longer 

working for me. 

The new products I use for my skin are from Liz Earle  and so far I love it. My scars are slowly fading

and my skin is a little bit even. I have only been using the products for a month so I have to wait two

more months before I can give a proper review. 

Another thing I have been using is Aloe vera gel from the garden.

Aloe vera gel helps calm my skin when its been unnecessarily erratic, it also leaves the skin smooth and

pores almost invisible. I still use my sticky honey and banana mask but I now add fresh lemon juice 

which is an  awesome natural way to fade scars. 

I know I always say this but "Patience is key" when it comes to skincare. Its all trial & error and it 

might take a while to figure out what works for you and what does not work for you. 

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH never ever rush into buying products, 

always read reviews and read the ingredients ( Incase you might be allergic ).  

Ok I think I am done for now but I will be BACK soon :) 

Stay Pwetty


  1. You have beautiful skin!! Thanks for the tips. It's good to try new products for your skin...but not too much. Trial and error always come with skincare. Like, you said "patient is the key", it is indeed!! :)

  2. I need to try your regimen; your skin looks soooo smooth;

  3. Your skin looks greatt without makeup! What products exactly from Liz Earle do you use please?

  4. So I ignored the skin and was staring at the style, so neat and beautiful, who is your tailor please, refer me there :D

  5. Tolu—click on liz earle ( i hyperlinked it) it will take you to page of the products i use.

    Safiya- lol send me an email for the tailor's number.

  6. I really Enjoyed this post. Your skin looks great, any special diet? lots of water??

    I've never tried Aloe Vera, but I'll add it to my regimen.


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  8. glowing skin i love ure makeup nd how u influnce ur fashion with ure religion its amazing...pls were do i get liz earle product in lagos nigeria ..tnku

    1. Thank you Alice ....You cannot get liz earle products in Nigeria unfortunately. Its a UK brand

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