Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HAIRCARE | Avalon Organics scalp treatment tea tree shampoo

The cure to my itchy scalp is tea tree oil, its the only solution to my problems. If you have been reading 

this blog for a long time, you would know that my scalp is problematic. Recently my scalp has been

acting up and silly me left my usual Giovanni triple tea tree shampoo in London #Verysmart. I have

been on the hunt for organic / natural hair and beauty products since I arrived Abuja. 

Anywoo Grand Square Stores carries about three different brands of Natural/Organic products. 

Avalon Organics was the only brand I was familiar with, fortunately for me they had the scalp 

treatment shampoo #excited. I have only tried the shampoo once but felt like I needed to blog about it.

The shampoo helped alot with the itch but it stripped my hair like no mans business. Fluffy felt dry and

over clean. The shampoo in my opinion is too strong even though it soothed my itch. For me, its a 

semi love relationship but I intend to add tons of coconut oil to the shampoo before I use it again. 

I will definitely recommend this shampoo to all hair types but if you have extremely dry hair, stay away

from this product. 

This post is all over the place but that's normal with me :). 

Stay Pwetty


  1. Good idea to add coconut oil, olive oil too is a good option. make sure to only add it to the shampoo you are about to use immediately.
    <3 yaaay fluffy

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  3. The unfortunate fact is that, as most beauty shops are set up today, they need to give permanents, to sell cosmetics and to sell extras in order to stay in business. Healthy hair care need not include these extras.


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