Monday, December 31, 2012



This year went by really fast  and to be honest I’m glad it did. 2012 was not my favourite year but I’m grateful all the same. 

The highlight of my year was going for Ummarh (mini pilgrimage) and the low light is something I will never mention on the WWW. 

I’m looking forward to 2013 and excited about up coming collaborations with some talented people. 

Thank you all for all the support even though I slacked this year. 

May God bless us with health, strength and content hearts.

Happy new year my darlings


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MAKE UP |Smokey purple glitter eyes & Pink nude lips (Guest Model)


I’m personally enjoying these guest model tutorials, it helps me bring my wearable looks to life. Plus I'm bored of doing makeup on myself. I personally think having a variety of models on the blog will help alot of my readers, plus its interesting to see different looks on different face shapes and skin tones. 

I’ve been trying to improve how I record my tutorials and so far I think i’ve done good but there is still room for improvement. 

FYI- you will notice in the tutorial that I did not show the initial foundation application and eye makeup application but that’s purely my fault (I mistakenly deleted the clips) and I refuse to be defeated  so I carried on with the tutorial. I apologise in advance. 

These days I’m training myself to JUST CARRY ON DOING things even if I feel its not perfect. 
I’m the kind of person who will not cook if i’m missing a simple ingredient like SALT. To some people its not big deal but to me it is. Like I said I’m training myself :)


Temptu S/B airbrush foundation | #9 Natural mocha 
Ben Nye olive-brown foundation palette  | Golden spice (highlight)
Ben Nye olive-brown foundation palette  | Coco sorbet (contour)
Ben Nye mojave powder palette | caramel ( Used to set highlight foundation) 
Ben Nye mojave powder palette | Moroccan ( Used to set all over face) 
Make up for ever sculpting kit | #4 ( nose and cheek contour)
La femme bluse | Mocha & Soft biege 
Mac mineralize skinfinish | gold deposit ( cheek shimmer highlight) 

Mac fluidline gel | Macroviolet (Base) 
Inglot E/S | #14 (shimmery light purple) lid
Inglot E/S | #439 ( shimmery blue violet) outer V
Make up for ever | #160 ( matte deep purple) Crease
Stila E/S | Chinchina ( biege tone) brow highlight 
Graftobian | Glitter glam #violicious 
Make up for ever | Brow pencil #3
Loreal | voluminous mascara ( carbon black)  

Bobbi brown lip pencil | plum
Mac lip stick | spirit 
Face atelier lip glaze | Cameo 

I hope this tutorial helps you 



Friday, December 7, 2012

MAKEUP | Glam gold eyes & red foil lips(Guest model)

Yes it’s another post with one of my favourite ladies but this time we switched up the makeup.

I really enjoyed making up my babe, she has very nice features. For this look I decided to focus more 

on enhancing her features but with a pinch of glam/sexy. Over time, i’ve realised my favourite thing 

about makeup is the art of making a lady look flawless without looking so cakey. I personally love a 

semi matte finish on my clients because it looks healthy and not over done. 

We could record a tutorial because it was dark outside and I prefer to record with natural light. 

I hope everyone is doing ok .....I’m excited about the weekend because it’s my birthday tomorrow :).

I used the same products from the previous blog post NEUTRL EYES & VIOLET LIPS
Nars | Taj Mahal blush 

Mac | paint #bamboom (used as a base)
Yaby | es539 & es547 (lid) 
Yaby | es296 (used to blend the crease)
Make up for ever | eyeshadow #17 #138 ( blended into the crease) 
Yaby | es276 ( brow highlight) 

Inglot | matte lip crayon #20 
Mac | lipstick #Russian red
Mac | reflects glitter #reflects rust ( I used the glitter to give her lips a foil finish)

If you like me to use more guest models, please leave a comment below this post or on facebook.

Stay Pwetty

Sunday, December 2, 2012

MAKEUP | Neutral eyes and violet lips (Guest model)


Hiiiiii, I think I’ve gotten into the routine of posting videos weekly. So this is my beautiful babe Miss U. She came to spend the weekend with me and you we had to play with makeup.

I’ve missed Miss U so much and we had alot of fun.

Hope you like the tutorial

Stay Pwetty

Friday, November 30, 2012

What if Money didn't matter

I just came across this inspirational video on Facebook and being a knowledge sharer activist, I thought I would be nice to share with my readers.

In the world we live in today, its VERY hard to do what you love in life without you doubting yourself for reasons like : “Is it socially acceptable”, “ Will my family be supportive or happy with me” , “Am I making a mistake” .............and honestly the doubts are endless.

Money to me has never been my priority when it comes to being a Makeup Artist (Yes I now call myself a makeup artist) because if I dont ..........I would be fooling myself.

We can only succeed in life if we BELIEVE.

Thats all I have to say for now....................WHEN YOU EMBRACE WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FALL IN PLACE.

Stay pwetty

Monday, November 26, 2012




Excuse my little exaggerated FYI rant but on a serious note do not use the greasepaint stick from MAC as a base for your eyeshadow. I noticed during my tutorial that my makeup started to crease almost immediately after I applied it.

My advice to you if you want to try out this look is to use a black gel liner or a pencil. This will prevent your nicely done makeup from looking like a black HOT mess. 

For those of you who celebrate thanks giving HAPPY THANKS GIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I do not celebrate thanks giving but I love to participate + I love the whole black friday hype.

I actually ordered some stuff for my kit during black friday sales ( With a VISA debit card, anything is possible lol). 

I think I should just list what I used for the look and move ON.........Ok bye.

Make up for ever | HD primer (clear) 
Lancome | Teint Idole Ultra foundation #13 #12
Make up for ever | Full cover concealer #14
Make up for ever | Brow corrector #3
Mac | Blunt contour blush 
Nars | Taos blush 

Mac | Grease paint stick #slick black
Inglot | Eyeshadow #64
Collection 2000 | Rock chic glitter liner
Lancome | Hypnose Star mascara 

Mac | Cheastnut lip pencil 
Mac | lipgelee #saplicious   (clearly I love this gloss too much)

Stay Pwetty

Monday, November 19, 2012



Make up for ever | HD primer (clear version) 
Lancome | Teint Idole Ultra 24HR Foundation #13 #12
Make up for ever | full cover concealer #14
Make up for ever | brow corrector #3
Mac | Blunt blush (cheek contour)
Nars | Liberte blush 
Iman | sheer finish bronzer #clay

Too face | shadow insurance primer
Inglot |  eyeshadow #10 (orange gold)
Mac | red brick eyeshadow ( brick red)
Mac | Orange eyeshadow 
Make up for ever | eyeshadow #17 ( chocolate brown) 
Mac | forever green pencil liner
Inglot | eyeshadow #418
Maybelline | gel liner in black
Dior | blackout mascara
Lancome | hypose star mascara

Mac | chestnut lip pencil
Mac | lip gelee #saplicious

Stay pwetty



I have too be honest, this is my least favourite headwrap. I liked the idea but I did not like how it turned
out. The only reason I decided to post it was because my sister thought it was nice & I trust her to tell
me the truth.

I hope someone likes the tutorial.......................If you decide to try this tutorial, please post a picture on


Stay pwetty

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Teint Idole Ultra 24HR foundation −13 Sienne
Free gift L-R: Galateis douceur (cleanser), Tonique douceur (toner), Hydra zen (moisturiser), Visionnaire (serum),Genifique (youth activator), Lipstick (peach), Mascara:Hypnose, Travel size brushes
Juicy tubes hoilday set £18.50 
So guess who is finally back in LONDON ? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

My service ( National youth service corp) year was greatISH. Serving Nigeria is not ajebutters for ( AJEBUTTER means kids that are maybe spoilt, use to people doing things for them or bascially kids that do not know how to boil water). 

Anywoo, My mothers birthday was yesterday #woohoo and for some reason she wanted to go to Oxford street which was weird because she hates that place. We popped into Debenhams just to have a look around, then suddenly I remembered I wanted to check out the Lancome and Chanel counter because I read they finally had foundations for dark skin women #canigetanamen. 

I ONLY wanted to try the foundation (I had no intention on buying it) but the sales rep with her juju (voodoo) ways tricked me into getting not only the foundation but a juicy tube holiday gloss set. 

I got the Teint Idole Ultra 24HR, Juicy tubes and a free gift. I'll probably use the glosses for my professional kit because at the moment I do not need anymore lip gloss.

So thats it folks my mini makeup binge.  

Stay pwetty

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MAKEUP | Purple promise


I'm not even going to say why I have not been blogging because to be honest I really do not know why but I can tell you that my life has completely changed ( that's gist for another day). 

I hope no one is toooooooooooo upset at my lack of consistency #smiling 

Face to face | Super matte Anti-shine #Dark
Make up for ever | Mat velvet foundation #75 #90 ( Mixed to get my shade)
Make up for ever |  Full concealer #14 (Used under my eyes as a highlight) 
Make up for ever | Brow corrector #3 
Iman | Sheer finish bronzer #Clay (Cheek highlight) 
Nars blush |Liberte

Mac shadestick | Royal hue
Accessorize eyeshadow | Purple promise (Shimmery purple)
Urban decay eyeshadow | flipside (Shimmery aqua blue) 
Urban decay Naked palette | Buck {biege brown} used as brow bone highlight 
Maybelline gel liner | black 
Diorshow mascara | black 

Mac lipgelee |Saplicious (nude gloss) 

Stay Pwetty

Friday, April 6, 2012

MAKEUP | Forever Summer


My very very very old friend was in town for a week and words cannot express how happy I was. 

I do not get to hang out with my friends whenever they're in town because our timetables always clash.

Make up for ever | HD primer ( Clear) 
Illamasque Skin base foundation | #16 
Illamasque Skin base foundation | #18 ( Used for contour) 
Make up for ever | Full cover concealer #14 ( Used to highlight under the eyes and brows) 
Make up for ever | Super matte loose powder #52 Apricot beige  ( Used to set foundation ) 
Mac | Sweet as cocoa blush
Nars | Albatross highlight blush ( Cheek highlight) 
Make up for ever | Brow corrector #3 

Make up for ever | Aqua cream #10 orange 
Mac | Red brick eyeshadow ( Red orange) 
Mac | Off the page eyeshadow ( Light shimmery orange) 
Mac | Blacktrack gel liner 
Lo'real | Voluminous carbon black mascara 

Mac | Chestnut lipliner ( Brown) 
Mac | Spirit lipstick (pink biege) 
Make up for ever | S2 lab shine lipgloss

Have a great weekend everyone 

Stay Pwetty

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MAKEUP | Busy Bee

I've been a busy bee and loving it. I'm finally getting booked for makeup jobs thanks to alot of referrals.

I really do not have much to say ( GASPS) but I really really really appreciate all the support and love.

These are my most recent clients who I loved working with. So far all my clients have been great and

I hope it will remain that way. If you have any questions please leave a comment or send me an email


Stay pwetty

SKIN | Maintenance

last night-No foundation and powder
I have a confession don't take it I just had to say that. Since moving to Nigeria, I 

have struggled with my skin. Its normal for my skin to act up everytime I move to a new environment. 

So finding a regime that works with the climate has been challenging. Anywoo, I have dropped the 

products I used in my skincare regime + post not because I do not like it but because it was no longer 

working for me. 

The new products I use for my skin are from Liz Earle  and so far I love it. My scars are slowly fading

and my skin is a little bit even. I have only been using the products for a month so I have to wait two

more months before I can give a proper review. 

Another thing I have been using is Aloe vera gel from the garden.

Aloe vera gel helps calm my skin when its been unnecessarily erratic, it also leaves the skin smooth and

pores almost invisible. I still use my sticky honey and banana mask but I now add fresh lemon juice 

which is an  awesome natural way to fade scars. 

I know I always say this but "Patience is key" when it comes to skincare. Its all trial & error and it 

might take a while to figure out what works for you and what does not work for you. 

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH never ever rush into buying products, 

always read reviews and read the ingredients ( Incase you might be allergic ).  

Ok I think I am done for now but I will be BACK soon :) 

Stay Pwetty

Monday, March 26, 2012

MAKEUP | Illusion

I had this lovely speech drafted in my head but I got carried away & forgot everything I wanted to say.

OMG working in the corporate sector is not for me, I've always said "desk work is not for me"

but no one believed me. I really miss waking up when I want and looking after myself properly. A lot

has happened ( Good things) since February and my brain has been occupied with all sorts. 

I miss London, I miss my mother and her cuddles ......I MISS HOME. Ok I'm done boring you with my 

random talk. I hope everyone is doing great?  

Make up for ever | HD primer {Clear}
Make up for ever | Mat velvet liquid foundation {75 & 90}
Make up for ever | Full cover concealer {14} Used to highlight under my eyes
Make up for ever | Brow corrector {3}
Mac | Powder blush { Notable and sweet as cocoa }
Nars highlight blush | Albatross 

Urban decay | Primer potion 
Urban decay eyeshadow | Buck {biege brown} Used on the lid and brow bone
Mac eyeshadow | Embark {chocolate brown } Used on the lid lightly 
Make up for ever | Aqua cream in red {8} 
Maybelline gel liner  | Black 
Diorshow extase mascara|Plum {871} 
YSL volume effet faux cils shocking mascara | black 

Mac lip pencil | Chestnut {brown}
Mac lipstick | Spirit {nude}

Sidenote : Thank you so much too all the people that have referred me to their friends and family for makeup jobs. I really appreciate the support BIG HUGE. 

Stay pwetty

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