Saturday, November 12, 2011

SKIN | Egg white mask

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been busy with NYSC ( Nigerian youth service corps). 

I have combination/ oily skin which means I am prone to whiteheads/ blackheads. I'm really oily around 

my forehead and nose ( T-zone) and suffer from blackheads all the time. I tried biore pore strips in the 

past but I never went back to get more because it was to expensive in my opinion. So decided to try egg

white as an alternative cheap method and so far so good. Egg white mask is natural, gentle and removes

majority of my blackheads. 

As much as I like the egg white mask, I dread using the mask because its messy and the smell of egg gets 

on my nerves. The egg white mask has to be done really quickly. I advice you have all the items needed

before you apply it. 

❀Cleanse face with your usual cleanser. 

❀ Separate the yolk from the egg white and place in a small bowl. 

❀Whisk the egg white with a fork until fluffy.

❀ Use an old makeup brush to apply the egg white on your face, avoiding the eye area. As you apply the egg white layer,apply a thin layer of tissue paper over the wet egg white.

❀Apply a generous amount of the egg white on the entire face and let it dry a bit before adding another layer. You can add about 4-5 layers concentrating more on your problem areas. 

❀Allow the mask air dry or fan dry. As the mask dries, you will feel your skin tighten which is a tad 
uncomfortable (this is a temporary feeling).

❀When the mask is completely dry, peel the mask off and your blackheads should come off with it.

❀Wash the residue  off with warm water and moisurize. 

If your going to try mask, remember that its trial and error. Allow the mask dry completely to get the best

Since I cannot make a tutorial, I recommend you check out @1SimplYounique youtube video.

I hope everyone is doing great?

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Huge thank you to my mummy for sending me my tripod yesterday, I kinda sorta forgot it in London

and I have been miserable. Since i'm all kinds of happy, I will be posting followers requests for the
next couple of days. As you all know I have not been able to upload any youtube tutorials thanks

to the internet situation in Nigeria but I'm still working on it (not giving up :D). Anywoo I hope

everyone is doing great?.

Make up forever | HD primer - clear
Make up forever | full cover concealer- #14 (Used under my eyes)
Rimmel | sun shimmer bronzing compact powder # light matte (used to set undereye concealer/highlight)
Make up forever | full cover concealer-#20 (Used to spot conceal dark spots)
Make up forever | Duo matte powder foundation #216
Make up for ever |Brow corrector- #3
Iman | sheer finish bronzing powder #clay (cheeks)
Mac blush | Ambering rose (Apples of the cheeks)

Urban decay | eyeshadow primer potion
Mac | paint #Bamboo (Inner corner)
Mac | eyeshadow # Twinks (middle of the lid)
Mac | pigment #Deep purple ( outer corner and smudged on bottom line)
Mac | eyeshadow #wedge (highlight)
Urban Decay | 24/7 pencil liner #Zero ( water line)
Maybelline | gel liner-Black
Dior Show | blackout mascara

Nouba lip pencil #288 (plum)
Dior lipgloss -The name has faded :(

I used the same method as the YELLOW GOLD look I did a while back. Click on yellow gold to take you to the tutorial.

Who is looking forward to EID this weekend? MEEEEE

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