Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swatch Sunday |MAC semi precious mineralize eyeshadows ( Limited edition)

L-R Dark indulgence,Golden Gaze and Smoked Ruby

MAC cosmetics has not impressed me for a very very long time + the fact that they bring out a "collection" every second of the year is RIDICULOUS.  

I picked up three eyeshadows from their semi precious collection because in my opinion only these three made sense to me.....the rest were just ERMMMMMMM boring. The other eyeshadows looked pretty in the pot but when I swatched them #yuke #yuke #yuke. I have to say that MAC has really improved their mineral eyeshadow formula. The texture is smooth, glides on like butter with no fallout AND its super duper pigmented. 

Red is my new favourite colour so I recommend RECOMMEND the smoked ruby  #smokey #sultry #nightlook. 

Don't forget that the eyeshadows are limited so grab it while you can :). 

Happy sunday everyone 

Stay Pwetty

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Illamasque Skin Base masterclass with David Horne Part 1

Caucasian skin after applying skin base foundation with a standard foundation brush 
I going to make this short and simple because my little cousins will soon wake up from their nap. I attended the Illamasqua "Skin Base" with David Horne (Head of new product development) On the 8th of july at their flagship store. The class was showcasing the new Makeup Muse "Skin Base foundation" created by David. He did a demonstration on three different skin tones using three different types of makeup brushes. I heard about Skin base via twitter and I was curious to know what the whole noise about Skin Base. At first I went to check it at Selfridges but that place a marketplace so I did a U-turn.

Asian Skin before 
Anywoo, the class gave me the opportunity to see the foundation up close and I was able to ask the one million questions I stored in my brain. David was really pleasant and had a ton of information to share (loads of tips,tricks and techniques) . Skin base comes in 18 shades ranging from super pale to dark chocolate brown.
Asian skin after Skin Base Application with a Dome powder brush

Black skin before 

Black skin after Skin base application with a blush brush 

Illamasque's store is like a mini ART museum, its not your typical everyday makeup store #love. David not only answered everyones question, he helped us pick the right foundation. At the end of the class I asked for some samples to take home to play with. Part 2 of this post will be be review of the foundation ( I'm still testing it).

Overall I had a good evening at the Illamasque store. For more information visit the website ILLAMASQUE.CO.UK. or the Blog
David Horne and I ( I look awful but oh well).
Till my next post
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I ♥| Home made Ayurvedic herbs face mask

This post is part of my "summer skin regimen +"  video I will be posting in a bit. I used my home made 

Ayurvedic mask and I know someone is going to ask me about it when they watch the video. I started a 

new skin regime two months ago and decided to introduce ayurvedic herbs to my routine (so far so 

good). @ Moptopmaven blog has a lot of information about ayurvedic herbs/ target treatment 

suggestions. Since I love to experiment with all sorts , I mixed all the herbs I could find on the shelf to 

make my now favourite skin care product. FYI if your going to try this mask, make sure you do a patch 

test on your elbow and behind your ears, that way you will be able to tell if your allergic or not. The 

reason I heart ayurvedic herbs is because its cheaper / more effective (natural) than commercial products. 

Plus you can easily custom mix the herbs to suit your skin type. If you have dry skin, use water instead   

of lemon juice. Since I am not a dermatologist, I  recommend you do your own research ( Google 

is your friend) to find out the pros and cons of certain herbs and essential oils before you buy them.


1tsp- Tulsi powder ( It has anti-pollutant properties and moisturises the skin) 
1tsp-Mutani mati powder (Acts as a natural skin cleanser that cleans dirt from the pores of the skin).
1tsp-Neem powder ( It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties making it ideal for breakouts).  
1tsp-Kaolin clay powder ( Absorbs excess oil and toxins )
1tsp- Moringa leaf powder ( rich in vitamin A, C, protein, calcium and potassium + reduces wrinkles and fine lines).
1tsp-lodhar power ( Mild astringent excellent for treating skin infections)
1tsp-Skin life powder (helps prevent skin dehydration, enhances skin texture and adds glow to skin) according to the pack.
1tsp- Manjishta powder ( helps reduce pimples, blemishes discolouration) 
1/2 tsp - Vitamin E oil ( reduces the appearance of scars & can be used as a moisturiser at night) 
4 TSP- Lemon juice ( fresh or shop brand) ( helps to lighten dark spots caused by acne due to its acidic nature).
1 drop -Lavender essential oil ( has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that help treat acne, sun burn).
1 drop- tea tree essential oil ( its Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial ,anti-viral properties help reduce the appearance of breakouts)
1 drop -Camomile blue essential oil (You can use any camomile/ chamomile essential oil you have) (Anti itching properties help to soothe and repair skin). Also great for sensitive skin.

Store mask in the freeze.

Sheabutter cottage : Ayurvedic herbs , Kaolin clay and essential oils
Spices of India : Ayurvedic herbs 
Holland and Barrett : Vitamin E oil and essential oils

Click on the store names above, I have hyperlinked them. These links are for UK residents ONLY. For

my non UK readers, I am sure you can find vitamins E oil at CVS but as for the herbs you might need to

check your local Indian store or online.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I ♥: L`OCCITANE Almond supple skin oil

I discovered this in my unlce's bathroom ( Confession I stole the bottle #Lordforgiveme). I have tried

a lot of body oils and do not get me wrong they have been awesome but my eczema skin still itches after

a couple of hours, especially now that its summer. This body oil is the business, it does exactly what it

says on the bottle, I use it with E45 cream ( Best combo ever). The duo makes my skin feel soft ,silky

and moisturised all day. The oil has a slight fresh scent that eventually fades + I only need 4-5 pumps for

 my whole body. I personally think it gives better results when I apply it as soon as I get out of the

shower.As much as I love this oil, its kinda pricey for my unemployed ass #lol. Thank God I got two

bottles as a graduation gift ( I will manage them till I get a full time job).

It has instructions #lol

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I hope everyone is doing great?

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Friday, July 1, 2011

My first shoot

Look #2

Look #2

Look #1

During the shoot 

Before makeup
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I took these pictures with my phone ( please excuse the quality) because I forgot my camera at home. 

So yesterday was a very exciting day for me because I finally did my first shoot with photographer friend 

Rose ( Her work is AMAZING), I will put a link to her site at the end of the post. I was suppose to have 

two models but the other lady cancelled :(. Sam was an awesome model ( beautiful woman) and luckly 

for me she had great skin, which meant less correcting/concealing. I used TEMPTU's S/B airbrush 

foundation for both looks. I think I am addicted to airbrushing ( the finish is always smooth and 

flawless) #random. Anyhoo I wanted the first look be natural yet have a really glowy/ radiant feel.......I 

forgot to mention hair is by Joanne (Another talented hairstylist/ makeup artist). Lord knows I cannot do 

hair to save my life + Sam's was uber lonnnnnng. Finally the last look was bright ( typical summer 

makeup) with peachy lips. I was extremely happy with the way the pictures turned out + the atmosphere 

was really calm and comfortable. I still have a lot to learn, but I can definitely say my confidence has 

improved a lot and i'm really proud of myself. If you ladies want me to post the products I used in detail, 

please leave a comment below :).

Makeup- Halima Bepo
Photographer- Rose Lien
Hair -Joanne Liu

Thanks for all the support
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