Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Headwrap #3

I really do not know why I'm typing

My head hurts but the good part is that I'm done with examz (well i have more in summer but till then).

I hope this helps.........I personally thought it was boring but O WELL.

Stay pwetty

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is totally random but I have my first exam in 3hrs and I would be done tomorrow (GROOVY)

So.........I have such an eventful week ahead (UBER excited)

Today- International Logistics exam 

Wednesday- Organisational learning exam

Thursday- Three of my very good goody friends graduate. I'm so proud of them QIFDIYYA,KITAN & AKINKUNLE

Friday-I'm off to LONDON (Finally some home food)

Saturday- I'm sure you already know this but its #IMATS

Sunday- Random galavant in London then back to Hull


Ok I have to dash now.....Quick revision time.

Talk to you ladies soon .....have a super duper week/end


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Make up: Smokey black/brown

I decided to upload this tutorial because today was a stay in day for me. I think I have over worked my brain and body,I mean 12 hours straight studying  is just silly and unnecessary. This is my first try using my new camera and boi was I confused trying to figure out how to focus while I was recording (phew).I hope its not toooooooooooo bad. Hope you like it.

O O O can I just say HD cameras are awesome but dang it picks up everything even my huge ass pores.

Have a good weekend

Stay pwetty

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Non surgical facelift thanks to Sugabelly

Giggling our little space on the world wide web got a facelift.
I was going to wait till after my examz to share the new blog banner but the excitement was killing me.

1000x thank you to Sugabelly for creating my blog banner (uber love it). The babe is just a correct professional artist. If you want to see more of her work/contact her for business projects, just click on the purple sugabelly link above and it will take you straight to her blog. She is the easiest person I have ever worked with, seriously she understood every detail of what I wanted the banner to look like.

I hope you ladies like the new look (between please, abeg, dan Allah, biko do not copy/steal this banner as its only for this blog). 
Sign Management 

Ok I really have to run now....see you soon xxx

Book Review: Make up your mind by Francois Nars

I'm suppose to be "studying", but I decided to blog instead since my 4days old toothache has refused to leave me the heck alone.I guess a book review should be good ( since I am not in the mood to apply make-up ATM).

As you all know Nars has become my favourite cosmetic brand. Francois Nars book MAKE UP YOUR MIND is a very popular book in the make-up industry,I got mine 3 years ago when my make-up craze first ripened :). 

Unlike most make-up books, MYM differs by showing a before and after shot but with a acetate sheet in-between so that you know specifically where products were placed.

The book features models with different skin tones,face shapes, skin there's a variety of inspiring looks suitable for all of us. The book is divided into different sections, such as eyes, lips,neutral, the end of each chapter, Nars does a good job summarising how the products were used on the models, which is a plus if you want to recreate any on of the looks. The majority of all the looks are wearable for the everyday woman with an occasional "high" fashion look,it also  features useful tips and gives an insight on Francois's preference and philosophy.

Personally if your a newbie to make-up I would not recommend this book because it does not give you basic information about foundations, concealers and all that business, but if your looking for inspiration this book is for you. As for my make-up artist,non make-up artist or make-up enthusiast family you know this is a must have on your book shelf. 


Stay Pwetty

Friday, January 7, 2011

IMATS 2011 ❀International Make up Artist trade show❀

Ho my gosh ladies #giggles #Happyfeetdance

Words cannot express how EGGCITED I am. I'm finally going to attend the IMATS 2011, I waited two freaking years but God was on my side because the event is right after my examz ☺. 

I read alot of blogs about the 2010 IMATS and having had a good experience at THE MAKE UP SHOW NY, I'm looking forward to another make up event. I had a good experience make up wise last year, I met alot of awesome people, discovered new products, learnt from the PROS. 

The exhibitor list looks promising, I just hope I do not hurt my poor student account. I have a list of things I need but me being HALIMA BEPO ( I will say no more ) lets see how it goes ;).

There are a few seminars I hope I will be able to attend, hopefully the crowd will not scare me away (I have crowd phobia). 

Click here to purchase your ticket if you have not ☞IMATS TICKET or GURU EMPORIUM

I will attend the 29th event because I have to run back to UNI (boohoo) the next day.

Please come and say hello if you see me.Ignore that I might be so into what i might be looking at.

See you soon

Saturday, January 1, 2011

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