Friday, October 21, 2011

REVIEW| Urban *Decay liquid liner

L-R Gash, Lucky, Smog,Oil slick and Acid rain

Urban Decay liquid liners are highly pigmented, smudge-proof, long wearing but not 100% water 

proof in my opinion. The liners come with a fine point applicator but not all the applicators have a fine 

tip #annoying. The product dries quick but not "road runner fast" but you have to be quick if you want 

to adjust/ clean a mess because when it sets it SETS and you will need to soak a cotton pad with 

eye makeup remover to get it off. The finish of the liner is shiny (almost metallic) and its awesome for

people who wear makeup for a long time (9-10 hours wear).I have used the liners as an eyeshadow

base and it works great. The packaging is so cute but not portable like normal tube liners, so carrying 

these in a small purse might be a problem. 

I hope everyone is doing great? 

Stay Pwetty

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