Tuesday, October 11, 2011

REVIEW | Maybelline New York E Gel liner

If there is one make up product i'm constantly buying its gel liner (black gel liner).

I discovered the Maybelline eye studio gel liner by accident when I popped into superdrug for supplies.

I bought the liner with low expectations but after using the liner for about a week, I was very impressed.

I have used the gel liner in some of my tutorials and if you noticed, I use it for both top and bottom line.

The pigmentation of the gel liner is excellent. The liner does not melt or fade during the day. I usually

wear make up for about 8 hours and to be really honest it stays still ( No smudging). I have been wearing

the liner since I arrived Nigeria and honestly I still love it. The gel liner comes with a small bristle

brush which  i'm not a fan of because its a round top and I like to apply my liner with a pointy brush.

The finish of the liner is smooth and semi matte. I compared the liner with MAC's fluidline and I really

did not see the difference. Another thing I love about the liner is the packaging (feels vintage).

Maybelline eye studio gel liner comes in black, purple,brown and grey.

MAKE UP TIP ❀ To achieve that deep smokey eye, use your gel liner as a base for your eyeshadow.This makes the look intense and long lasting. 

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  1. Best drugstore eyeliner...i LOVE it!

  2. Hi halima,bought this eyeliner yesterday..it better be good.lool

  3. What brush do you use when applying it?


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