Thursday, September 8, 2011

HOW TO | Clean brushes

I felt the previous  “How to | Clean  brushes” post needed to be redone.The first one was all over the place and not pwetty enough for me.

Now to the steps…………………………….
Its very important to clean your makeup brushes regularly because it reduces the risk of infections and breakouts. The way I see it if you cannot wear dirty cloths why would you want to put dirty brushes on your face #simples.

STEP #1 Pour a small amount of antibacterial washing liquid & surgical spirit into a disposable cup. Dilute with warm water from the tap. 

STEP #2 Soak the brushes in the solution for about a minute. After a couple of seconds swirl the brushes in the cup (this helps the soap get in between the bristles).

STEP #3 Almost immediately you will notice the solution turn brown. After soaking check to see if the brushes are clean enough. With white bristle brushes, you might need to soak them for slightly longer or massage them gently using the tips of your fingers.

STEP #4 Repeat step #1/2 if your OTT (over the top) like me.

STEP#5  Rinse properly with warm water. Point the brush bristles downwards, this way water will not get into the brush funnel and destroy it.

STEP #6 To maintain the original shape of the brushes, I wrap them in tissue. This makes dry time longer but its worth it.

STEP#7 Dry the brushes over night (I usually wash my brushes at night) but do what makes you happy.

That’s all folks

Stay germ free


  1. Can I please what type/brand of brushes you use; and also if Eco-tools brushes are any good.

  2. I use Inglot, MAC,eco tools, Sonia kashuk and random art brushes from the art store.

    Ecotools has good quality brushes and i like the brush sets

  3. Sweetheart,i just found out about ur blog.i'm a makeup artist based in Lagos & i had to stop right here & comment when i saw ur brushes neck-deep in that soapy solution.

    I think u're killing ur brushes by letting water get past the ferrule.The Brush hairs ,alone need cleaning and not the handle.

    The glue holding the hairfibres to the handle will come loose in no time. Pls i beg of you if you value your brushes to keep the water level as low in the cup as possible. Hugz!!


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