Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SKIN CARE | Linden leaves aromatherapy synergy body oil

The other day I popped by Fenwick in Brent cross and as usual I found myself in the beauty corner. I'm 

a big fan of body products. I came across Linden leaves bodycare range on #SALE. The brand is a New 

Zealand brand that focuses on using the best quality natural ingredients. 

I was drawn to the products because of its simple but yet attractive packaging and also it was on SALE 

lol.I bagged three of their body oils -Absolute dreams ,in love again and memories. The main oils used in 

all the body oils are avocado oil, rosehip oil, Vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil and Apricot kernel oil. 

All the oils are infused with different fruits or plants. 

Absolute dreams- Is infused with lavender, sandalwood, orange and cedarwood

in love again-Is infused with neroli, vanilla and sandalwood

memories-Is infused with Rose, geranium and ylang ylang.

If you do not like using heavy body products, I recommend these oils because it melts into your skin 

without leaving that sticky oily feeling on your skin. It can also be used as a massage oil and bath oil. 

The beautiful flowers in the bottle are real..........Simple but beautiful. 

I gave my mummy the MEMORIES body oil and so far she loves it. 

O between I paid £12 for each bottle (250ml) original price is £24

Check out Linden 

Stay Pwetty

Sunday, September 18, 2011

FOTD | Olive garden

Make up for ever | Mat velvet liquid foundation -#75 #90 (mixed to get perfect shade)
Mac blush | Notable (Matte finish)
Mac blush | Blunt (Matte contour powder) 
Iman | Sheer finish bronzing  powder #Clay (Cheek highlight) 

Too faced shadow insurance (eye primer)
Mac pigment | heritage rouge (pink/ brown) 
Accessorize shadow | Olive (shimmery deep green)
Stila eyeshadow | Chinchina (matte red brown)
Stila eyeshadow | illimani (shimmery ivory)
Dior show mascara | black
Maybelline gel liner | black
Make up for ever | brow corrector #3
Mac | Sketch & Twinks (Used to line bottom)

Nars  lipgloss | Stolen kisses

Stay pwetty

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MAKEUP | Yellow Gold

I decided to talk in my tutorial, i'm not sure if this will be a permanent feature on the blog because it took me long to edit. My apologies for the last two minutes of the video my camera died and I did not notice and carried on with the makeup. Hopefully this will not happen again. I hope you enjoy the tutorial? 

Face to Face Anti shine- Dark 
Laura Mercier | tinted moisturiser- Mocha
Make up for ever | Duo matte powder foundation-#216 
Illamasque | powder blush-Sin (Cheeks) 
Nars | highlight blush- Albatross
Make up for ever |Brow corrector- #3

Too face shadow insurance (Primer) 
Illamasque | pure pigment- Marvel 
Urban decay | eyeshadow- Sting
Nars | eyeshadow- Galapogos 
Eyeko | Duo eyeliner- Plum
Maybelline | gel liner-Black

Mac | lipstick- Rebel 
Mac | lipgelee -Saplicious 

Stay pwetty

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

GELE | Nigerian head tie

I have accepted my fate>>>>>I HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO TIE GELE LIKE A PRO. At the back of my mind I knew a time would come when a client would request for her gele to be done. About 2 weeks ago I had a client who was visiting from Nigeria. She usually gets her makeup done professionally every time she is going out (trust my Nigerian people)

We are forever on point……Anywoo back to my gist, She asked if I knew how to tie gele and like a mountain goat I said “NO”.

Sometimes I wonder if I have mental issues. Fast-forward to Tuesday (6th), the same client that got her makeup done for a party booked me AGAIN (How cool is that) for another party she has this Saturday but guess what? She needs her gele done #faints.

Like the sharp QC (QUEENS COLLEGE YES I AM A QC PRODUCT) babe that I am, I started looking for someone to give me a crash course before Saturday. Like magic God sent me an angel. On Wednesday I went to learn how to tie gele and I have to say it was a tad challenging for my skinny arms but I eventually got the hang of the technique/s.

I feel so sorry for my sister and friend because I have been practicing nonstop. I’m a very fast learner when it comes to using my hands thanks to my parents. My mum is very crafty really as long as its art she is GOOD and my dad is an aeronautic engineer the dude can fix almost everything. 

I just wanted to share what I have been up to recently with my followers. If I eventually HAVE to tie my client’s gele on Saturday I will post pictures.

PS: If you’re a PRO with the gele PWETTY PLEASE send me an email, we can strike a small trade by barter deal. I’m a fast learner and I will not irritate you #promise.

I hope everyone is doing great?

Stay pwetty

HOW TO | Clean brushes

I felt the previous  “How to | Clean  brushes” post needed to be redone.The first one was all over the place and not pwetty enough for me.

Now to the steps…………………………….
Its very important to clean your makeup brushes regularly because it reduces the risk of infections and breakouts. The way I see it if you cannot wear dirty cloths why would you want to put dirty brushes on your face #simples.

STEP #1 Pour a small amount of antibacterial washing liquid & surgical spirit into a disposable cup. Dilute with warm water from the tap. 

STEP #2 Soak the brushes in the solution for about a minute. After a couple of seconds swirl the brushes in the cup (this helps the soap get in between the bristles).

STEP #3 Almost immediately you will notice the solution turn brown. After soaking check to see if the brushes are clean enough. With white bristle brushes, you might need to soak them for slightly longer or massage them gently using the tips of your fingers.

STEP #4 Repeat step #1/2 if your OTT (over the top) like me.

STEP#5  Rinse properly with warm water. Point the brush bristles downwards, this way water will not get into the brush funnel and destroy it.

STEP #6 To maintain the original shape of the brushes, I wrap them in tissue. This makes dry time longer but its worth it.

STEP#7 Dry the brushes over night (I usually wash my brushes at night) but do what makes you happy.

That’s all folks

Stay germ free

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Swatch sunday | Inglot eyeliner gel matte

Hey everyone,

First of all Happy Eid Mubarak, I know it’s late. I finally got my Inglot gel liners I have been raving about on twitter. I was so tempted to get all the colours but my GOOD angel told me to behave and I listened.

So far this year Inglot has really impressed me;they continue to deliver great products at awesome prices (To my MUA they offer artist discounts). If you have never heard of Inglot please check them out, I promise you will not be disappointed. The eyeliners really wowed me- the gel liner does not move, smudge, run, or melt the product stays put until your ready to take it off. The liners come in 20 gorgeous shades including black.The liner dries fast and can be used as a BASE, TOPLINER and BOTTOMLINER. Compared to MAC cosmetics fluidliner I prefer Inglot because of the intensity of the colours and the creamy velvet texture of the gel liners.

Check out to find out the nearest

Till my next post
Stay Pwetty

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