Monday, August 8, 2011


Looking at these pictures I can PROUDLY say I have improved alot compared to last year. If you want 

to know the products I used for my clients, leave a message on the facebook page or in the comment box 

below or you can use the contact me form which is located on the top right corner of the blog :) .

Have a great week .



  1. Lovee how the make-up doesn't look cakey at all & don't get me at started on the eye make up. *thumbs up* Fantastic job!

    P.s- What products were used on the first lady?

  2. Halimaa!! whaaat! giiirrrrl! infact.. speechless! i'm really proud of you, the sky is your limit you keep getting better, love aunty Zainab's make up, so fresh!
    your make up always has this fresh touch, please do and move to Nigeria, thanks!
    And you need to get in the habit of taking before photos!
    love you!

  3. @ Anonymous-:) thank you.. For the face i used-Illamasque skin base foundation and temptu S/B foundation (mixed) . Blush is Lafemme soft beige and sienna, MAC iridescent powder (belightful), Eye makeup is ( makeup forever ES- #88 #85, stila ES-lavender and Yaby ES in es253

  4. @Nikkisho Thanks cutie

    @sabs-Wow thanks a lot hun...i'm moving o #imagine
    i'm working on taking before pictures.

  5. I love the make up of the top and bottom models the most! great job!!!


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