Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Surviving the HEAT

I do not know about the rest of the world but the current heat situation in the UK is killing me.I know people are going to say but "You lived in Arizona" or "Are you not nigerian?"...please I am allowed to complain.....I'm not use to this kind of heat, its abnormal for us and lets not forget i'm fasting....Anywoo I just wanted to share some tips on surviving this HEAT.

❀ Stay hydrated I cannot stress this enough .....WATER is the answer TO everything (well almost)

❀Wear SPF 20 and above if necessary, you do not want to exposure that gorgeous skin to the harsh sun.

❀If you really have to wear makeup, apply it lightly ( I recommend MAC's Mineralize skinfinish natural powder). Apply concealer were needed then a thin layer of powder, some bronzer, eyeliner and lipgloss #THEEND.

❀If you have a mini travel spray bottle, fill it with cold water to spray your face and body when you start to overheat....remember its all about keeping cool.

❀Wear sunglasses to above squinting (this helps prevent premature frown lines and wrinkles).

That's all I can really remember for now but if you have any suggestions please share with us it will be appreciated.

Since I cannot drink water till about 8:49pm I'm just going to hug my bag of ice :D.



  1. You cannot drink water till 8? Why not?


  2. Its the month of Ramadan and we are still on daylight timing in the UK, which means the sun sets at about 8:49pm then i can break my fast.

  3. I realised it after I mused for a few seconds... I was coming back to say never mind before. Ramadan Kareem.

    and if in this weather somebody has to be told not to cake up make-up, they need help!



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