Monday, August 15, 2011

Skin regimen +

Good Morning 

I recorded this a day after my graduation (13th July) all that kissing/ lipstick all over my face was trying to make my skin breakout. 

The video features what I do 2-3 times a week , I never use the mask and scrub everyday (that will be asking for trouble). My everyday routine is pretty basic (cleanse, tone and moisturise) thats about it. I have combination skin (Oily T-zone which is the forehead/nose/chin and Normal on my cheeks). The products I use are geared towards my own needs. Remember to always check/ask if the products your using on your skin is appropriate especially if you have sensitive skin.

Burt's Bees anti- blemish purifying daily cleanser

Burt's Bees anti-blemish pore refining scrub 

Burt's Bess anti-blemish solutions clarifying toner

Burt's Bess anti-blemish daily moisturising lotion

Dermatologica skin prep scrub 

Liz Earle Pure Muslin cloth

Stay Pwetty


  1. You've got such a beautiful face/ :) Was that a muslin cloth you used to remove your cleanser? Good vid btw.

  2. hi, you've got lovely skin. I usually use mary kay cleanser and facial wash but i forgot my products when I travelled home few weeks ago. I'm back in the UK now and thinking of trying out new products. I need to get something ASAP cos i'm already breaking out and having spots. I really don't use mask on my face cos i'm too lazy i buy the products in this vid seeing as you have nice skin or would you suggest something else?

    Nice blog btw.

  3. @ Anon- :D thank you...yes its a muslin cloth.

    @beautiful-Thank you ...Your probably breaking out because of the change of environment . I would not advice you to try the products i use because it might not be right for you. everyone's skin is different but if you want try something new read more about Burts bees skincare range on their website and see what might suit your needs and also another brand to checkout is Liz Earle. With skincare I always say transition gently do not just try new products at a go, gradually introduce your skin to it, that way you can reduce the risk of having a full blown breakout.

  4. Thanks for sharing, you are a great thinker.

  5. pweetybambi,i got hold of your blog nd youtube vids late,very impressive,wish u wia staying in d usa iguess i wuldnt nid a beatutician...lols any ways we kinda hv d same kinda oily skin,my entire face is oily,am it bothers me,buh we ur regimen ,i fink amma try it out.i dnt have spots on my face thou,nad am looking forwrd to kipping it dt way,all i need is toned face nd smooth ,so whats your advice

  6. @kemmybee sorry it took so long to reply, I have combination oily skin and I would advice you do some research before you try any of the products I used. It's better to use products that cater to your specific needs. Also check for product reviews on makeup and the check the ingredients in the product in case there is an ingredient you might be allergic too. With skin care is trial and error.believe it or not oily skin does not require too many products.

  7. thnks maam,well,i wnt tru d bees nd dia product ws good,so i gave it a shot,nd am so liking it,buh wt i dnt seems to get is your homemade mask i drove all around georgia wnt to three malls i culdnt get all does concoction...lols buh i wuld still look for it nd am sure id get more thing is d res of the body,my body is dry nd itchy at times whn i get of of shower hv tried all kinds of product buh NOOOOOO alwsy itchy ,wat other product cn i try


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