Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swatch Sunday |MAC semi precious mineralize eyeshadows ( Limited edition)

L-R Dark indulgence,Golden Gaze and Smoked Ruby

MAC cosmetics has not impressed me for a very very long time + the fact that they bring out a "collection" every second of the year is RIDICULOUS.  

I picked up three eyeshadows from their semi precious collection because in my opinion only these three made sense to me.....the rest were just ERMMMMMMM boring. The other eyeshadows looked pretty in the pot but when I swatched them #yuke #yuke #yuke. I have to say that MAC has really improved their mineral eyeshadow formula. The texture is smooth, glides on like butter with no fallout AND its super duper pigmented. 

Red is my new favourite colour so I recommend RECOMMEND the smoked ruby  #smokey #sultry #nightlook. 

Don't forget that the eyeshadows are limited so grab it while you can :). 

Happy sunday everyone 

Stay Pwetty


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  2. I Like Like LIKE. The ruby colour is just gawjus!
    There is no MAC store in this little town of mine. lol.

  3. Love them on your skin.
    Might have to buy ruby.


  4. tutoooooorrrriiiiaaaallll with your smokey red please!!!!


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