Friday, July 1, 2011

My first shoot

Look #2

Look #2

Look #1

During the shoot 

Before makeup
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I took these pictures with my phone ( please excuse the quality) because I forgot my camera at home. 

So yesterday was a very exciting day for me because I finally did my first shoot with photographer friend 

Rose ( Her work is AMAZING), I will put a link to her site at the end of the post. I was suppose to have 

two models but the other lady cancelled :(. Sam was an awesome model ( beautiful woman) and luckly 

for me she had great skin, which meant less correcting/concealing. I used TEMPTU's S/B airbrush 

foundation for both looks. I think I am addicted to airbrushing ( the finish is always smooth and 

flawless) #random. Anyhoo I wanted the first look be natural yet have a really glowy/ radiant feel.......I 

forgot to mention hair is by Joanne (Another talented hairstylist/ makeup artist). Lord knows I cannot do 

hair to save my life + Sam's was uber lonnnnnng. Finally the last look was bright ( typical summer 

makeup) with peachy lips. I was extremely happy with the way the pictures turned out + the atmosphere 

was really calm and comfortable. I still have a lot to learn, but I can definitely say my confidence has 

improved a lot and i'm really proud of myself. If you ladies want me to post the products I used in detail, 

please leave a comment below :).

Makeup- Halima Bepo
Photographer- Rose Lien
Hair -Joanne Liu

Thanks for all the support


  1. awwww...the make up is lovely.... Keep up the good work babes

  2. halima wooow! so proud of you! you are super talented and i'm in love with the first look. i loooove it. so feminine! pls when you get the official photos post them!!! proud of ya!!

  3. Congrats on your first shoot! You did great :)

  4. This your uncle must be very feminine for using the l'occitane ladies body oil. Lol. Tried it and loved it.

  5. The wife is also starting to get addicted to airbrushing. After seeing this, I think I can see why.

  6. You look very exotic and beautiful here! I hope you had fun in your photo shoot.

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