Thursday, July 21, 2011

Illamasque Skin Base masterclass with David Horne Part 1

Caucasian skin after applying skin base foundation with a standard foundation brush 
I going to make this short and simple because my little cousins will soon wake up from their nap. I attended the Illamasqua "Skin Base" with David Horne (Head of new product development) On the 8th of july at their flagship store. The class was showcasing the new Makeup Muse "Skin Base foundation" created by David. He did a demonstration on three different skin tones using three different types of makeup brushes. I heard about Skin base via twitter and I was curious to know what the whole noise about Skin Base. At first I went to check it at Selfridges but that place a marketplace so I did a U-turn.

Asian Skin before 
Anywoo, the class gave me the opportunity to see the foundation up close and I was able to ask the one million questions I stored in my brain. David was really pleasant and had a ton of information to share (loads of tips,tricks and techniques) . Skin base comes in 18 shades ranging from super pale to dark chocolate brown.
Asian skin after Skin Base Application with a Dome powder brush

Black skin before 

Black skin after Skin base application with a blush brush 

Illamasque's store is like a mini ART museum, its not your typical everyday makeup store #love. David not only answered everyones question, he helped us pick the right foundation. At the end of the class I asked for some samples to take home to play with. Part 2 of this post will be be review of the foundation ( I'm still testing it).

Overall I had a good evening at the Illamasque store. For more information visit the website ILLAMASQUE.CO.UK. or the Blog
David Horne and I ( I look awful but oh well).
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  1. hey beauty, i was brownsing through blogs ramdomly when i came across yours which is the bomb, really! i love your make up(so simple yet flawless and glamorous), your hair , headwraps and style. THUMBS UP GIRL! im senegalese with dark, acne prone oily skin and its really hard to find someone with dark skin blogging and doing it sooooooo well. Plus i've been thinking about going back to natural (i transitionned for 2 years and a half before dropping it) and after seeing that beautiful crown of yours i am more than ever motivated cause we've got the same hair type (well at least yours is very close to mine).I am curious though: r u a make up student? that being said.... keep on inspiring us

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  3. Hello :)....Thanks for taking the time out to comment on my blog, i appreciate it alot. We have the same skin type but trust me we have the best skin because oily skin girls do not get wrinkles.

    At the moment i have a very simple regimen which i will be posting before the week runs out.

    If you want to go natural make sure ur ready because in the beginning it can be hard. you should be willing to learn how to look after ur hair and remember what suits lady A might not suit lady B.Read about products before you buy them, its so easy to become a product junkie lol ( i was one).

    Im a self taught professional makeup artist

    if you have anymore question please do not be shy


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