Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's in my bag tag?

@Sisi yemmie tagged me to do the "Whats in my bag tag?". Anywoo I am suppose to take a FOTO of my bag and its content (I think). 

✿A-Makeup Purse I got from Tesco in my first year #Ithink.

✿B-Wallet-Holds all my information, pictures, business cards, bank cards.

✿C-Sunglasses that I never wear because I forget I own them.

✿D- Sanitary wear holder

✿E- Royal&Langnickel S.I.L.K PRO travel powder brush

✿F-Barclays online banking card reader

✿G- Pocket tissue because I have the most sensitive nose in the world

✿H- Coin purse I got from a charity store years ago

✿I-Burts Bees bag for life (Comes in handy when your shopping bag breaks).

✿J-LaRoche-Posay smoothing and regulating body milk (Awesome product)

✿K-Mirror to check my nose is not shiny

✿L-Sheabutter cottage wooden comb for when fluffy decides to misbehave in public

✿M- Neutrogena 6hour lip balm and Kiehl's lip balm #1 (Favourite lip balms so far)

✿N-Berocca energy tablets are great for people who do not like caffeine (I try to avoid Caffeine because #1 I'm allergic and #2 it makes me super hyper).

✿O-Nail file that needs to trashed.

✿P-Eczema creams (this is two out of the six I own)

✿Q-Mac mineralise skin finish

✿R-Pantyliner holder ( I'm not sure why I two sanitary wear holders so dnt ask).

✿S-Tummy Ulcer medication which I have to take for a month ( disgusting stuff)

✿T- Black Pens because I (WAS) am a student.

✿U-USB that I randomly found in my bag (#notetofriends- who ever put this in my bag is not getting it back 4GB storage for me).

Marc B Bag 
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I'm tagging everyone who owns a blog :)


  1. love your bag, and Ive got the same lip balm too!

  2. I love your bag!I so want it!!!!! Thanks for participating!

  3. Seriously...who doesnt like MAC MSF....Its the best thing especially for summer!


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