Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Bear with me while I try to recover my blogging mojo. Yes the brush your looking at is £3.99 from T K MAXX (originally 8.99). 

Anywoo I just wanted to tell you about ecotools brush, for some reason the brand does not get the love it deserves and I personally think they are good quality drug store brushes. If you live in the UK, you can find them at your local megastore TESCO/BOOTS and for US residents TARGET/ULTA carry ecotools. The best part about the brand is that they have both sets and individual brushes at reasonable prices. 

The brushes are perfect for people who want good quality brushes but do not want to spend so much money. The powder brush picks up a lot of product so you have to use a light hand, its soft but not dense enough for really buffing in product (its best for dusting powder lightly i.e when setting liquid/cream foundation). I have only used the brush once so I cannot review it at the moment. 

If you want to read more about the brushes click I recommend you check the website out, you will not regret it :). 

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  1. im going to TK Maxx tomorrow! Glad to have you back!

  2. Price is certainly good, maybe when decide to change the one I use now.

  3. Ecotools brushes are great! I always buy them at
    This powder brush costs $6.99
    Use the coupon code NAK992 to get $ 5 off + free shipping for orders over $ 40 + free samples. They ship worldwide.


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