Friday, April 22, 2011

Liners| The mini guide to fun colours


I hope everyone is having a good week? I'm back from my mini holiday ( I went home nothing fancy) and I am still very excited / relaxed so I decided to take advantage of my relaxed mood before it goes down hill.

Its amazing how a thin black line can transform/ brighten up your look.I personally love liners, It was the first makeup item I owned as a teenage ( according to my memory it was a maybelline pen liner). From the picture above, liners come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, textures, formulas and so on. If you love colour on your  eyes but cannot seem to figure out the whole full on eyeshadow business, liners are the way forward for you. Even though I have already done a tutorial just using liners, I was thinking of doing a more colourful/ playful summer look  (All in favour say "I" ).

Hopefully this mini guide is useful to you.

1✿ Retractable eyeliner                        2✿ Eyeliner pen                            3✿ Jumbo pencil eyeliners

 4✿ Kohl pencil liner                                    5✿ Glitter liner                                  6✿ Kohl kajal liner
                                                                                                                                (21st century version)

7✿ Gel liner                                   8✿ Eyeshadow                                       9✿ Liquid liner

Till my next post 

Stay pwetty
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