Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review:Collection 2000 glitter liner

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Move over high end, ridiculously priced,not worth the buck brands.......... I have never been glitter liner fan because .......1- Only high end brands like #cough MAC made the "best" glitter liners and over my dead body would I purchase that crap and 2-the liners were not glittery enough (FULL STOP).
Anyway I recently (actually it was last year November)  discovered collection 2000 launched the "glam crystal" glitter liner and everyone was raving about it , so out of curiously I went to boots to swatch them  (this was the beginning of our love story) and I instantly fell in love with the liners. But trust BOOTS to sell them at a silly price.......thank goodness superdrug was across the road, offering 2 for 1 on the liners (woot woot) but to be really honest I still feel the brand as a whole is a joke, it just looks like something I would have loved if i was 12.

Long story short I really love the liners and I will recommend them especially now that the weather seems to be getting warm ( never trust British weather ).  The liner is really dense, adheres great and two coats applied thinly will give you fantastic results. Did i mention it lasts all day without flaking.
The only issues I have with the liner is the word FLIMSY....THE END

Question of the day-Have you tried glitter liners before?

Stay pwetty


  1. i have tried one before but it makes me cry and one painful feeling like that

  2. Haven't tried glitter liners yet but i'm thinking it'll be fun to try it out :)

  3. I havent tried it before, don't think I am much of a big fan of glitter. but it looks good on a couple of people I know :)

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  4. @Nikkisho -hmm the glitter probably got in your eye or you might be allergic to the formula.

    @Stylishedforever—Its actually fun wen you get the hang of it and comes in handy when you just want funky make-up.


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