Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm done with my independent study woohooo.....I feel 100 pounds lighter #phew

Anywoo I finally took my camera out for a walk on saturday (I think). It felt really good walking around Hull at 8am ( the peace and quite was lovely). I love walking because it helps clear my head and I get to enjoy my environment without any distractions. My nails were inspired by the flower above. I miss the days I was crazy about photography

Hope your all having a pleasant week?

Hello new subbies..........thanks for following my blog.

O if you like the picture, I can send it to via email just send me an with the subject as PWETTYFLOWER :)

Stay Pwetty
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  1. i love! love !! love!!! My love for photography just started and i really need to get a better camera. What model of camera do you use??? i love the picture quality!


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