Thursday, March 3, 2011

NOTD:China glaze- flip flop fantasy

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This picture did not do the colour justice at all, the colour is actually more fluorescent in person ( it looks like the pink glow sticks I played with as a kid) . As much as I love this colour applying it was a pain ( 3 coats jeez). Since my work load is becoming ridiculous but interesting ( I say this because I actually love my modules this semester) painting my nails with bright  blinding colours makes typing long essays fun. 

Have your all having a great week?

Stay Pwetty


  1. LOL that's a fun way to look at it

  2. I love the colour in the photo
    wonder how bright it is in person!
    Pretty nails :)x

  3. Amazing Post.
    I think you'll like it. xoxo

  4. woow your nails look amazing that colour - really suits you :) x

  5. really nice colour! I wish china glaze was easier to get here in the uk :(

  6. you really are pwetty...and has anyone told u, u kinda look like lauren Hill? thats a pwetty color by the way


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