Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm done with my independent study woohooo.....I feel 100 pounds lighter #phew

Anywoo I finally took my camera out for a walk on saturday (I think). It felt really good walking around Hull at 8am ( the peace and quite was lovely). I love walking because it helps clear my head and I get to enjoy my environment without any distractions. My nails were inspired by the flower above. I miss the days I was crazy about photography

Hope your all having a pleasant week?

Hello new subbies..........thanks for following my blog.

O if you like the picture, I can send it to via email just send me an with the subject as PWETTYFLOWER :)

Stay Pwetty
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Layori "DaDa" Official video (HQ)

Very random post but I'm a huge fan of African music and I just had to share my new discovery.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Makeup:Summer green tea

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I do not know if its my eyes (which need to be checked) but the pictures look OFF. Anyhoo I did not apply any primer for with this look because I wanted to see if i could wear the #makeup forever flash colour on its own and clearly I cannot. I have oily lids and before I finished the tutorial, the eye makeup started creasing #fail. Silly me should have known because the formula has emollient oils in it. 

I am not going to put up a post any time soon :( because I have so much work to do its ridiculous (Final year is no joke). I will back during my easter break fingers twisted. I hope you will all be here when I get back. 

Hello to all my new blog subbies....I'm going to be away for a while but I promise I'll be back :) 

Face to Face Anti shine-dark
Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser -Mocha
Makeup forever full cover concealer- #14 #20
Ben Nye blush-coral
Mac brow pencil- Spiked 

Makeup forever flash colour - Leaf green 
Ben Nye eyeshadow - jade (shimmery green)
Ben nye eyeshadow - sun yellow (shimmery yellow)
urban decay 24/7 liner -zero 
Stila eyeshadow-maluka (Matte black)

Mac lipgloss-flusterose

Stay Pwetty

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Makeup|Blue weather

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So clearly I am enjoying the bright weather. If you have any questions about this look please leave a question in the comment box. I hope you enjoy the tutorial :).

Makeup forever duo mat powder-#218
Makeup forever full cover concealer-#14 #20
Mac blush- Notable
Nars highlighter-Albatross
Mac browpencil-spiked

Urban decay-Flipside ( shimmery turquoise )
Mac shadow-Deep truth ( Deep shimmery blue)
Mac shadow- Carbon (matte carbon)
Mac shadow- Wedge ( matte black)
Mac eye pencil-Minted (Dark shimmery green)
Eyeko graffiti liner-black

Mac cremesheen glass- Boy bait

Stay pwetty

Friday, March 11, 2011


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Stay pwetty

Thursday, March 10, 2011

INGLOT online store—US only

So a few posts ago I reviewed INGLOT's freedom eyeshadow palette but I mentioned they did not have an online store............scrap what I said because ingot just launched their online store (US only) yay....I do not know why i'm excited because I do not live in the US of A. Oh did i mention the 20 palette was launched as well. The Website like all makeup sites used computer generated images for the swatches (boohoo). Anyway I hope this makes someone happy.

Happy shopping

Click HERE to check out the site.

Stay pwetty

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Makeup: Everyday liner + Glitter

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Please excuse the length of the tutorial, its the only way I could explain what I was doing. I hope this helps and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you #asap.
Makeup forever HD primer
Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser -Mocha
Makeup forever full cover concealer- #14 #20
Nars blush- Taj Mahal
Nars highlighter- Albatross

Mac fluidliner-blacktrack
Collection 2000 glam crystal- Pow
Diorshow blackout mascara-black

Mac dazzleglass-internationalist

Have a great week ladies.

Stay Pwetty

Review:INGLOT eyeshadows + teeny weeny rant

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Another super late review, I just these sexy mamas while I was in NYC last summer.

INGLOT was initially known for their nail polish but as the company's popularity meter exploded a couple of months ago. The brand has became the new GO-TO for most make-up lovers and artists especially because of their eyeshadow palettes. The company has a "freedom system" which allows you build your own eyeshadow, blush and lipstick palettes. Personally I have nothing bad to say about about the eyeshadows I got, I only got the shadows with shimmer because thats what my kit lacked and so far I love them ( My clients love them too).

The pigmentation is awesome ladies, what you see is what you get, plus you have the option of a 10,5,4,3,2 palette and a little birdie told me that a 20 palette will soon be introduced (AMEN). The palettes have magnets on the edge of them, making it easy for us to stack the palettes (A Makeup Artists dream) making them easy to carry around. If you ask me inglot is what MAC use to be when they first started. The prices of the products are AWESOME,Packaging is SOLID. The only complaint I have is the labelling  (why is it at the bottom?).As you can see I have numbered mine because its a tad annoying lifting the pan everytime I wanted to know the shadow number. One more thing is that some of the shadows fallout a lot, making application a tad messy but I fixed that problem by wetting my brush with a bit of mixing medium (this makes the shadow a bit wet but it dries and is still easily blendable).

Unfortunately Inglot has limited stores (NO ONLINE SHOPPING AS WELL #sadface)  but their three major stores are in LONDON, NEW YORK and LA...I will put the link to their site below for the people that want to check out their stuff.I'm still going to visit their store in London (Maybe during the easter break) so if you have any question about ingot please leave a comment and I will get back to you #asap.

So if you live in the UK, you have definitely heard about the bleeding tax increase. So recently there was news floating in the air about ingot increasing their prices but no one was sure when,well recently it was announced the the price increase was only for UK residents #gasps..WHY WHY WHY WHY us, at first I was like O HELL NAH but then again tax is now 20% so the only way to survive this blasted economy is to increase their prices. Anyway even with the price increase ingot is still cheaper and better quality than a lot of the high end brands (I will still buy from them regardless of the increase)

Question of the day:Would you still purchase stuff from a company if there is a price increase?

Click here ☞INGLOT LINK

Stay Pwetty

I will edit my grammar later.

Monday, March 7, 2011

NOTD:Sally Hansen hard as nail extreme wear:deep purple + China Glaze matte magic

This teeny weeny polish has been sitting in my polish draw for too long, I remember when the whole craze for the matte finish nail lacquer started and everyone was going GAGA. I personally was not a fan but smarty pants china glaze launched the matte magic top coat which I purchased for one dollar (teehee). All you need is your regular nail polish and one or two coats of the matte magic and PUFF you have matte nails.

I promise this purple is not as blue as it looks, its a rich deep purple with tiny sparkle shiny things. As much as I love my OPI and CHINA GLAZE, Sally Hansen has the best wear if you ask me, plus the formula for the hard as nail is fantastic for people with weak/brittle nails. 

Stay Pwetty

Thursday, March 3, 2011

NOTD:China glaze- flip flop fantasy

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This picture did not do the colour justice at all, the colour is actually more fluorescent in person ( it looks like the pink glow sticks I played with as a kid) . As much as I love this colour applying it was a pain ( 3 coats jeez). Since my work load is becoming ridiculous but interesting ( I say this because I actually love my modules this semester) painting my nails with bright  blinding colours makes typing long essays fun. 

Have your all having a great week?

Stay Pwetty

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review:Collection 2000 glitter liner

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Move over high end, ridiculously priced,not worth the buck brands.......... I have never been glitter liner fan because .......1- Only high end brands like #cough MAC made the "best" glitter liners and over my dead body would I purchase that crap and 2-the liners were not glittery enough (FULL STOP).
Anyway I recently (actually it was last year November)  discovered collection 2000 launched the "glam crystal" glitter liner and everyone was raving about it , so out of curiously I went to boots to swatch them  (this was the beginning of our love story) and I instantly fell in love with the liners. But trust BOOTS to sell them at a silly price.......thank goodness superdrug was across the road, offering 2 for 1 on the liners (woot woot) but to be really honest I still feel the brand as a whole is a joke, it just looks like something I would have loved if i was 12.

Long story short I really love the liners and I will recommend them especially now that the weather seems to be getting warm ( never trust British weather ).  The liner is really dense, adheres great and two coats applied thinly will give you fantastic results. Did i mention it lasts all day without flaking.
The only issues I have with the liner is the word FLIMSY....THE END

Question of the day-Have you tried glitter liners before?

Stay pwetty
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