Monday, February 14, 2011

Stylish and versatile blog award

Teehee I received the stylish and versatile blog award from :Sugabelly,sisi yemmie and yankeenaijachic.

Thanks a bunch ladies #giggles

If I read right i'm suppose to write seven things about myself #yikes and then award 7/10 other bloggers

Here goes:

❀I really hate when people shout my name when I'm sleeping,Its the most annoying thing in the world.

❀I cannot stand eggs #yuk........and salt

❀I have the attention span of a fish.

❀I collect buttons

❀I love walking.

❀I eat my food cold (weirdo) I have never liked hot food.

❀I enjoy my company (I go to the cinema alone/shopping alone/lunch&dinner alone)I spend most of my days alone (Halima's world).

And the award for stylish and versatile blog goes to:



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  1. Nice to know more about you, some are so quirky, lol.


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