Friday, February 4, 2011

IMATS Damage ;)

Finally the internet decided to behave, I'm sure your all tired of just looking at pictures and want to know what I got from the IMATS. Like I said in the video I posted about my experience, I really enjoyed my day plus I got to spend it with people who understood my excitement. I was a bit surprised when I watched other youtube videos about the IMATS ( some of them thought it was boring and YADA YADA YADA) but after I put on my inspector gadget hat, it was obvious these girls did not understand/ appreciate the make up world...Personally if your not borderline crazy about make-up/ a make-up rehab candidate please avoid  attending such events (we could do with the extra space).

I only got to to attend KJB (Kevin James Bennett) talk, OK PAUSE! If your make-up artist/junkie and you do not know who KJB is please click KJB wedsite KJB site INMYKIT. So I have provided you you links please please click on them especially if your a make-up artist. As I was saying Kevin the nutter was amazing his talk was the truth (AMEN),he did not sugar coat anything and gave good tips.He did a twiggy inspired look which was awesomeeeeeeeeeeee and between I recorded the whole thing #hehe.

I know there seems to be a lot of make-up but I promise its not as bad as it looks.....Go to Debs blog,trust me I was good.

Make up forever 12 Flash colour palette,Aqua cream 8&10,Lab shine gloss S22&S2,Full cover concealer

The make-up shop disposable mascara and lip wands

Face atelier lip Glaze Cameo,Arctic Gold and Peach

Hakuhodo Goat hair 210 blush brush
Cozzette S135 divinity Synthetic hair contour brush

Royal&Langnickel SILK PRO-Kabuki #18&19,Baby dome C180 and Taklon shadow C260

More Royal brushes hehe- Dome synthetic powder CR203 and concealer CR205

Beauty so clean- Cosmetic sanitizer wipes,Brush cleaner,Cosmetic sanitizer spray big/mini bottle

 Yaby Dramatically Neutral palette 
Face to Face super matte anti shine.

Thats it ladies..........See I told you I did good :) 

Till my next post
Stay Pwetty


  1. great findsss!!! i also understand what you mean,watched a couple of videos on YT abt peeps complaining that the show was boring but i am really impressed with the feedback from your blog and stella's addiction :)

  2. iLove make up forever's products..:) looks like a lot of fun!

  3. ...loving the collections girl...will check them out.


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