Friday, October 15, 2010

Review: Sheabutter cottage Tucuma hair butter

I know I know sheabutter cottage again but trust me its worth the blog post + I already mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to review this butter. 

What the site says: Chunks of tucuma butter, lots of heavenly monoi with hair loving organic sapote oil and panthenol mix together to create this pure luxurious creamy vegan hair butter. It looks and feels creamy but does not contain even a drop of water – just lovely nourishing butters and oils. Although fragrance-free, the subtle scents of the natural ingredients compliment each other to make it suitable as a unisex hair dress. Just a little bit is needed for some serious conditioned, manageable and pampered hair. 

What I think:  I finally found a SUB for my oyinhandmade burnt sugar pomade ( I still miss it ) but now I have tucuma butter. This butter is a heavy moisturiser / non greasy but very creamy butter. As I mentioned in the past my scalp is very dry and flaky but thanks to this butter's ingredients I have managed to stop THE CRAZY WOMAN SCRATCHING HEAD HABIT . I personally feel a little goes a long way this butter ( it tends to build up quickly which means I have to wash my hair more ). The butter leaves my hair feeling very lush and soft, the fact that its not scented works for me ( not a fan of heavy scented hair irritates my nose). The butter helps define my curls + its perfect for twists ☝look

I avoid applying the butter close to my hairline because the first time I did I noticed my skin got clogged + annoying blackheads saw it as an opportunity to make an appearance. 

I found the best way to enjoy this butter is to apply it on freshly washed hair after my leave in conditioner is applied. I do not reapply the butter again until my next I said before it builds up quick so I recommend using lighter products to oil your hair during the week. 

I will do another post about my hair routine as it has changed since the last time I did my hair update. 

If you are interested in TUCUMA BUTTER  Click here.

Fluffy looks a hot mess here but I love the picture for some strange reason. I dyed my hair but it never shows up on camera .

If you have any questions please leave it in the comment box. Apologies in advance UNI is back in session EXPECT DELAYED REPLIESBUT I PROMISE IT GET BACK TO YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS ✌.

❀Stay Pwetty❀

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday motivation:22nd Birthday Look/NARS Only You Eye & Cheek Palette

This is another blog post that has nothing to do with make up but involves someone doing make up. This is youtuder ANAURACHICBEAUTY. When I first discovered her video I was trying to figure out if she was doing her make up lying down and YES SHE DOES HER MAKE UP LYING DOWN. Carina is a self -taught freelance make up artist. Miss carina ( I hope thats how she spells her name) has a physical disability called Osteogenesis imperfect (  which means her bones are brittle and feels most comfortable filming her tutorial lying down.

As much as I love her make up and banging brows , miss Carina inspires me beyond make up. She is my reminder that life is simple and nothing/no one/nobody/no illness/disability should stop me from achieving what I want. Sometimes I get so angry with my life for silly reasons, when I should be looking on the bright side and thanking God for all he has done for me. I am not Gods most faithful servant but I try my very best to acknowledge him as much as I can. 

My little message to you all is always believe in yourself do not let negative people bring you down. Surround your life with positive people and obviously God. If your patient he will definitely answer your prayers (like I was say to myself there are other people on the queue praying you just have to wait for your turn).

Its Miss carina's 22nd birthday you can go say happy birthday to her on YT/blogspot. 


☺Have a great week ladies ♥

Happy Birthday Carina 

❀Stay pwetty❀

Monday, October 11, 2010

♥Sheabutter cottage as I watched the sun rise ♥

I should have done this a long time ago MY BAD ☺. I won a sheabutter cottage contest on youtude YAYAYAYAY I do not know about you ladies but I love getting posts (letters,online orders, bank statement ermmmm NO). I love love love Akua the owner of sheabutter cottage. I am sure by now she is tired of me because I keep bugging her with my questions. I will post reviews of the some of the products I won. 
There will be no review on MUNGALA black soap because my mummy took it and the coffee chocolate was nice but not my kind of chocolate (coffee makes me hyper) but it gets 8 points for being a Ghana produce. 
Thank you Mrs sheabutter cottage for my goodies ♡♡♡ .

Stay Pwetty

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Relaxed Sunday:Michael Jackson - Smile

I know this has nothing to do with this blog but I love this song.

I love smiling regardless of what is going on in my world.

Someone asked me why I smile/giggle so much and I replied what's the use of crying.

So just smile :)

Make up: Watercress&Plums

Please ignore the spots on my forehead we will gist about that later/soon. I hope someone is inspired by this tutorial :)
Have a great week ladies, I know mine will be good because I love being back at uni 5 months away from school was too much for me.

Stay Pwetty

Friday, October 1, 2010


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