Monday, September 27, 2010

One word Sheabutter cottage

A couple of weeks ago I ordered me some natural goodies from Sheabutter cottage. I desperately needed some cocoa butter in my life ( my little brother denied me my full tub of butter). This is not a review its just a general overview of the company. sheabutter cottage is a UK based company that sales natural fair trade products. This company is my new craze aside make up  of course. 

You all know I can never get one item ( the curious cat in me will never allow that ). I decided to order me cocoa butter soap ( cocoa butter is my favorite butter ), chocolate mask and Tucuma hair butter.The packaging is very simple nothing fancy but I have to say I like the way the soaps are wrapped. 

So far I love all the products and finally treated my skin and hair to some cocoa butter. The prices of products are really reasonable and you also have size choices, so if you wanted to try sometime and did not want to spend so much just incase you did not like the product, sheabutter cottage offers its customers small sample size products. 

This is what unrefined cocoa butter looks like just incase you were curious (Trust me it smells way better than it looks).

Stay pwetty
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  1. yeah I got some cocoa butter too, not from sheabutter cottage though. I was just wondering what you do with your cocoa butter. I usually have to melt mine and mix it into my lotion.
    Anyways whatelse do u use urs for

  2. I make body and hair butters with mine.I use other butters (shea,coffee and coconut oil..... essential oils).

  3. ...I need some shea butter for my lips, yours looks like something I can eat with my salad, girl thanks for your tip. Appreciate it.

  4. thnx. what do you do to lessen the smell of your shea butter. Im not really fond of the smell so I don't use mine as often as I'd love to.

    Do you also melt your cocoa butter or u grind it

  5. I whip my shea butter with cocoa butter>Whipping it makes the smell almost fade away. I melt my cocoa but not in a microwave because it kills the butter.I melt it over boiling water.


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