Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swatch Sunday: Loreal hip duo eyeshadow(metallic)

I know I am uber late but say there better late than never. The Loreal eyeshadow is my 2010 drug store must have, the eyeshadow is without a doubt worth the hype ( I confess I had my doubts in the past). There is really not much to say asides the fact that there are awesome.

The pigmentation of the matte shadow is not as intense as the metallic colours. Loreal offers textures in mattes,crystal and bright shadow duos. 


  1. I've been looking for these for ages, still haven't seen them in the UK! where'd u get them?

    Oh and please pwetty please do a tutorial on how you do your brows!

  2. I got mine from the make up show in america.Will check the drug store next i go out. But did you check superdrug or boots.

    I will do a brow tutorial soon.I want my brows to grow back a bit more.

  3. Have you managed to see these in UK


  4. Not at all,there still dnt sell them in the UK.


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