Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pwetty in blue/green/black/purple

Hi Pwetties

This is a continuation of my last post. I want to show you what the foundation and concealer looked like on my skin and i sealed the deal with a make up look. Hope you like

Spot apply concealer were you desire more coverage and blend.

Step 2
Apply your foundation ( I usually mix my foundation with moisturiser i perfer the way it feels). 

Step 4
Blend your foundation with a brush/sponge/ the ultimate priceless tool (fingers). I use a brush to spread the foundation then i go back with a damp sponge to blend the product in more.(optional).
Remember to blend your foundation into your neck to avoid any make up lines.

Step 5
Apply a base to the lid (this allows the eyeshadow last longer).I used too face shadow insurance.

Step 6
Apply a deep blue colour to half the lid. I used Mac deep truth

Step 7
Apply a matte grey/black shadow to the rest of the lid and blend slightly into the crease. I used Mac nehru

Step 8  
Apply a matte black shadow to the outer corner of the lid blending it into the crease,almost like doing a smoky eye. I used Mac carbon.

Step 9
Highlight with a beige/pinky shimmer colour ever so lightly. I used a body shop shimmer bronzer palette but please use what you have.

Step 10
Line the top line with a purple liquid liner/shadow/pencil

Step 11
Line your water line with black then use a light green liner/shadow/pencil to line the inner corner of the bottom line and then line the rest of the bottom line with a teal blue/purple/ another shade of green. Again use what you have (creative its only make ups lol).

Step 12/13/14
lash (optional)
Fill in browz

Step 15
Contour cheeks (optional). I used Mac blunt blush.
Apply a sheer coloured blush. I used sweet as cocoa by Mac.

Step 16/17/18
lip conditioner.
Stain lips with bright pink lip stick. mac girl about town.
Apply a nude gloss over it to sheer it out. Nars stolen kissed.

Step 19 


I hope this helps or inspires you. Clearly i love making faces please don't think am mad :).

Till my next post

Stay Pwetty

African pout


  1. i love this post! esp the end look! and the pictures were sooo nice! n funny! great job n great colors

  2. Thank you boo.i told u it was going to be funny.

  3. You're sooo cute...The eye-makeup is so onpoint.

  4. This is lovely, you make it look simple and thanks for the tutorial. You look great after the make-up.

  5. very nice, please what do u use to fill in ur brows cos it came out so natural and there were no clumps.

  6. Thank you ladies. iblush

    @ Neo-i Used Make up forever Brow corrector in #3.Will do a review soon for

  7. You are soo pretty, love your blog :)


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