Sunday, February 7, 2010

Multipurpose look

Hey my pwetty ladies

Goodness ladies i just realised i did not put up pictures from my last tutorial and am very very very sorry. I hope you like the make up i called it multipurpose because it suits all kinds of occasions its similar to my nudes look i did a while back but this time it has a bit ofmultipurpose a sparkle to it and i always try to make it easy to do. Let me know how it looks if you decide to try it.And lastly if you ladies have any questions please do not think twice about sending me an email and if i do not have answers i promise i will find someone who does.

I do not like the way my pictures look when i upload them. destroys the quality and the colours do not look clear enough. Please if anyone knows a better way i can upload pictures please let me know

Stay pwetty


  1. Wow, great pics! You could upload on photobucket and then upload via the URL.

  2. Thank you miss Myne will use it for my next post.i checked out your blog the other day ONE WORD FANTASTIC .XXX

  3. Thank you Miss Myne the Photobucket upload is way better and am happy now.


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