Friday, February 12, 2010

Its not for me but maybe for you

 Hey pwetties

Long time no blog am back in UNI so my attention is divided and the last is the last thing on my mind is my blog and yotube.

This is a quickie post because i thought it would be helpful to some ladies. Recently i discovered an organic brand called GIOVANNI ( i promise am not a product junky). So I got the leave in conditioner just to try and i scream out loud I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT but thats because it made my fluffy EXTRA thick. My hair is fairly thick and full and the body this product gave me was intense i could not comb my hair with ease even when it was wet.

This product will actually work for you if you are looking for volume,body and with the added bonus (its a leave in conditioner). I will recommend this because even though my hair was extra quick, fluffy stayed moist the whole week without me even spraying Juices and Berries. Its light so you do not have to worry about product build up.

You can buy this product from Target and (Its cheaper on the website)

Stay Pwetty

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