Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hi Pwetties

The other day i went on a random impromptu trip to the mall with friends and i promise i had no in intention on getting FOUNDATION and CONCEALER but the sales rep talked me into it because the powder i wanted did not match my skin tone( am yellow/golden skin toned), so finding powders that suit me is next to impossible. I know I said I had given up on liquid foundation but this one was totally different from what I had ever tried in the past.

I got the make up forever Mat Velvet + in #75 and the full cover concealer. At first when I tried it, i was positive i would not like it, but curious me got it anyway. Confession ladies I did not like it at first because I forgot how to work with liquid foundation being that I have not used it for a long ass time. The brand is a french brand (why am i not surprised )

The full cover concealer i actually needed because the MAC select cover i had was not doing its job anymore.

  • It can be full, medium and light coverage.
  • There range in a huge amount of shades, so finding your shade would not be a task.(VERY DARK TO VERY PALE SKIN COLOUR).
  • It sets to a mat finish and using a setting powder is not necessary unless your OCD about setting foundation.
  • its water resistant.
  • it blends easily.
  • it controls oil but do not take my word for it.(we all have different types of skin)
  • Its not heavy totally weightless.
  • Its oil free (yay for oily ladies).
  • It photographs well.****BOUNUS****

  • It can be dry when it sets, so i would not recommend this to my dry skin ladies because it might exaggerate how dry your skin is.


  • Its full coverage (DUH Halima like it does not say so on the pack).
  • Its purrrrrfect for covering every type of imperfection in the book.
  • It blends well and is also build able.
  • To get its full worth apply it lightly before foundation an repeat after.
  • Did not find any.hehehehehe

Over all am loving these products and i am slowly becoming a MUFE make up addict there stuff is worth the price and goodness do not get me started on the eyeshadows TALK ABOUT PIGMENTATION. Mac has nothing on them. 

I hope this was a good enough review for you ladies.if you have any questions please do not be shy to ask.

Till my next post
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