Friday, February 12, 2010

Hell a bright Tip #1

Hey pwetties

Another quickie post. Am sure your like what the flip thats bright but thats good for us brown people.This in my first cream blush and i love it die, i never look at cream blushes because when i hear cream i just run the other way (oily skin syndrome). But i have been watching a lot of videos and the oily gals seem to love cream blushes. This blush is called OPTIMISTIC ORANGE hehe i like the name. I have used it 3 times and its so cool. Orange compliments dark skin people, it gives us the black people version of a sun kissed glow. 

I prefer to use my fingers to apply this blush its more effective compared to a brush. Do not always think you need a brush to apply make up God's tools work great. You could also set it with a powder blush just for the extra va va voom i recommend a peachy/ orangey colour.

I made the pictures ex large you could really see what it looks like on.The picture was taken in natural light and no foundation/ powder, just bare skin.

Till my next post

Stay pwetty


  1. I agree with you that bright colors work for dark skin. I have a similar tone blush from Mac.


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