Monday, February 22, 2010

Brush cleaner Tip #2

Hey Pwetties

I hope your all having a fab weekend. This is another quickie post. Just wanted to show you ladies how i clean my brushes.

Its very important to keep your make up brushes very clean to avoid break outs. I usually clean my face brushes after two uses because I have oily skin and I do not want to transfer oil the brush has picked up back to my face. As for eye brushes you can use them more than once before you get them clean. This is going to be a step by step method.

Step 1
Get the tools needed

Step 2
Pure a tablespoon of olive oil and washing up liquid on to a plate.

Step 3
Take any dirty brush that needs a clean.

Step 4
Use the brush to mix the olive oil and washing liquid, then gently swirl the brush back and forth until the paste becomes brown,

Step 5
Gently use your fingers to massage the product into the brush. This helps with getting off stubborn stains that are hard to get off the brush. When your happy with the result rinse the brush under warm tap water.Caution do not use hot water as this will destroy the glue that holds the bristles together.

Step 6
Use your fingers again to get all the product out of the brush. If after you rinse the brush and still notice some off the colour you can repeat the process again.

Step 7
Face the bristles towards the sink to squeeze excess water out of the brush.This is very important as it prevents water getting into the metal bit of the brush.

Step 8
Place the damp brush on a clean tissue and wrap the brush in the tissue.Put the wrapped tissue in a cup to allow the water drain down from the brush.Leave to dry.

Step 9 (optional)
Pure a little rubbing alcohol in a bowl and put the clean brush in it for a few seconds then rinse and do step 8.

Thats all from me ladies and i hope this helps.

Stay Pwetty



  2. Thanks for the tip girl, really helpful,will try it out. Your girl from YouTube, will be back to check your blog.


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