Monday, February 22, 2010

Brush cleaner Tip #2

Hey Pwetties

I hope your all having a fab weekend. This is another quickie post. Just wanted to show you ladies how i clean my brushes.

Its very important to keep your make up brushes very clean to avoid break outs. I usually clean my face brushes after two uses because I have oily skin and I do not want to transfer oil the brush has picked up back to my face. As for eye brushes you can use them more than once before you get them clean. This is going to be a step by step method.

Step 1
Get the tools needed

Step 2
Pure a tablespoon of olive oil and washing up liquid on to a plate.

Step 3
Take any dirty brush that needs a clean.

Step 4
Use the brush to mix the olive oil and washing liquid, then gently swirl the brush back and forth until the paste becomes brown,

Step 5
Gently use your fingers to massage the product into the brush. This helps with getting off stubborn stains that are hard to get off the brush. When your happy with the result rinse the brush under warm tap water.Caution do not use hot water as this will destroy the glue that holds the bristles together.

Step 6
Use your fingers again to get all the product out of the brush. If after you rinse the brush and still notice some off the colour you can repeat the process again.

Step 7
Face the bristles towards the sink to squeeze excess water out of the brush.This is very important as it prevents water getting into the metal bit of the brush.

Step 8
Place the damp brush on a clean tissue and wrap the brush in the tissue.Put the wrapped tissue in a cup to allow the water drain down from the brush.Leave to dry.

Step 9 (optional)
Pure a little rubbing alcohol in a bowl and put the clean brush in it for a few seconds then rinse and do step 8.

Thats all from me ladies and i hope this helps.

Stay Pwetty

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deep conditioning + New products

 Hey Pwetties

So ladies its that time of the month and Miss Fluffy was due for a deep conditioning session. My scalp is really dry and itchy which is weird because the rest of my body is oily. I have being experimenting a lot to find the perfect solution to my problem. Dry scalp am sure some of you know is the most annoying feeling ever, i always find myself scratching excessively. Scratching your scalp so hard is like scratching the skin on the rest of the body. Its going to react and sometimes bleed (yes it can get that itchy). The causes of dry scalp is endless but the most common is lack of moisture. You will also be surprised to hear that excessive shampooing,hair sprays,gels,hair dryer, hard water and so on cause the scalp to be dry. I shampooed Miss Fluffy a week before ( I used Oyinhanemade poo bar for the first wash and then followed it with giovanni Tea tree triple treat invigorating shampoo a little goes a long way with this product). I only shampoo my hair twice a month to prevent dryness. So lets begin ladies.


  • Giovanni smooth as silk deep moisture conditioner
  • Giovanni smooth as silk xtreme protein hair fusion
  • Oyinhandmade honey hemp conditioner
  • Pure honey
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Mango butter
  • A mixing bowl
  1. Melt the mango butter and pure into mixing bowl.

  • Add 5 tablespoons of pure honey and olive oil.
  • Add the first three ingredients to the mix.(measure according to how much hair you have).

  • Mix the ingredients to a creamy paste

  • Section the hair and then dampen it.

  • If there is excessive water still dripping from your hair pat it with a towel till all the water comes out.
  • Apply the mixture to each section and do not be afraid to saturate your hair with the mix. Also use your fingers to work the product in from the roots to tips of the hair. This will be a good time to detangle as while.

      • Wear a shower cap and allow your body heat steam the hair, i would not advice you go under a dryer because i feel a dryer rushes the process and does not allow the conditioner deliver all its goodness.
      • Leave in for as long as you please.
      • Rinse with warm water and pat dry.
      • Apply a leave in conditioner (I used honey hemp).
      • Leave to air dry.
      Pros of the ingredients
      • Honey: honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and holds on to water molecules, making a great treatment for dry, damaged hair.
      • Olive oil : acts as a deep conditioner and a dandruff controller.
      • Mango butter : is highly emollient, softening and soothing to the scalp. Mango butter has a protective effect against UV radiation.
      • Protein hair fusion : contains shea butter, soy protein and macadamia nut oil which helps to detangle, moisturise ,rejuvenate frayed,raspy damaged hair. I personally love this product because it does more than its job, it helps with my curls and the texture of my hair is unexplainable.
      • Deep moisture conditioner & honey hemp conditioner: These are my favorite no turning back conditioners. The moisture it gives my hair is intense and i have to say there really do work as a term to help with my dry scalp. There detangle, calm frizz, protects against split ends while smoothing dry and damaged hair. I also use the honey hemp as a leave in. Its a water base conditioner so it will not leave your hair heavy or sticky.

      Stay Pwetty

      Saturday, February 20, 2010

      Pwetty in blue/green/black/purple

      Hi Pwetties

      This is a continuation of my last post. I want to show you what the foundation and concealer looked like on my skin and i sealed the deal with a make up look. Hope you like

      STEP 1
      Spot apply concealer were you desire more coverage and blend.

      Step 2
      Apply your foundation ( I usually mix my foundation with moisturiser i perfer the way it feels). 

      Step 4
      Blend your foundation with a brush/sponge/ the ultimate priceless tool (fingers). I use a brush to spread the foundation then i go back with a damp sponge to blend the product in more.(optional).
      Remember to blend your foundation into your neck to avoid any make up lines.

      Step 5
      Apply a base to the lid (this allows the eyeshadow last longer).I used too face shadow insurance.

      Step 6
      Apply a deep blue colour to half the lid. I used Mac deep truth

      Step 7
      Apply a matte grey/black shadow to the rest of the lid and blend slightly into the crease. I used Mac nehru

      Step 8  
      Apply a matte black shadow to the outer corner of the lid blending it into the crease,almost like doing a smoky eye. I used Mac carbon.

      Step 9
      Highlight with a beige/pinky shimmer colour ever so lightly. I used a body shop shimmer bronzer palette but please use what you have.

      Step 10
      Line the top line with a purple liquid liner/shadow/pencil

      Step 11
      Line your water line with black then use a light green liner/shadow/pencil to line the inner corner of the bottom line and then line the rest of the bottom line with a teal blue/purple/ another shade of green. Again use what you have (creative its only make ups lol).

      Step 12/13/14
      lash (optional)
      Fill in browz

      Step 15
      Contour cheeks (optional). I used Mac blunt blush.
      Apply a sheer coloured blush. I used sweet as cocoa by Mac.

      Step 16/17/18
      lip conditioner.
      Stain lips with bright pink lip stick. mac girl about town.
      Apply a nude gloss over it to sheer it out. Nars stolen kissed.

      Step 19 


      I hope this helps or inspires you. Clearly i love making faces please don't think am mad :).

      Till my next post

      Stay Pwetty

      African pout


      Hi Pwetties

      The other day i went on a random impromptu trip to the mall with friends and i promise i had no in intention on getting FOUNDATION and CONCEALER but the sales rep talked me into it because the powder i wanted did not match my skin tone( am yellow/golden skin toned), so finding powders that suit me is next to impossible. I know I said I had given up on liquid foundation but this one was totally different from what I had ever tried in the past.

      I got the make up forever Mat Velvet + in #75 and the full cover concealer. At first when I tried it, i was positive i would not like it, but curious me got it anyway. Confession ladies I did not like it at first because I forgot how to work with liquid foundation being that I have not used it for a long ass time. The brand is a french brand (why am i not surprised )

      The full cover concealer i actually needed because the MAC select cover i had was not doing its job anymore.

      MAT VELVET +
      • It can be full, medium and light coverage.
      • There range in a huge amount of shades, so finding your shade would not be a task.(VERY DARK TO VERY PALE SKIN COLOUR).
      • It sets to a mat finish and using a setting powder is not necessary unless your OCD about setting foundation.
      • its water resistant.
      • it blends easily.
      • it controls oil but do not take my word for it.(we all have different types of skin)
      • Its not heavy totally weightless.
      • Its oil free (yay for oily ladies).
      • It photographs well.****BOUNUS****

      • It can be dry when it sets, so i would not recommend this to my dry skin ladies because it might exaggerate how dry your skin is.


      • Its full coverage (DUH Halima like it does not say so on the pack).
      • Its purrrrrfect for covering every type of imperfection in the book.
      • It blends well and is also build able.
      • To get its full worth apply it lightly before foundation an repeat after.
      • Did not find any.hehehehehe

      Over all am loving these products and i am slowly becoming a MUFE make up addict there stuff is worth the price and goodness do not get me started on the eyeshadows TALK ABOUT PIGMENTATION. Mac has nothing on them. 

      I hope this was a good enough review for you ladies.if you have any questions please do not be shy to ask.

      Till my next post
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      Friday, February 12, 2010

      Hell a bright Tip #1

      Hey pwetties

      Another quickie post. Am sure your like what the flip thats bright but thats good for us brown people.This in my first cream blush and i love it die, i never look at cream blushes because when i hear cream i just run the other way (oily skin syndrome). But i have been watching a lot of videos and the oily gals seem to love cream blushes. This blush is called OPTIMISTIC ORANGE hehe i like the name. I have used it 3 times and its so cool. Orange compliments dark skin people, it gives us the black people version of a sun kissed glow. 

      I prefer to use my fingers to apply this blush its more effective compared to a brush. Do not always think you need a brush to apply make up God's tools work great. You could also set it with a powder blush just for the extra va va voom i recommend a peachy/ orangey colour.

      I made the pictures ex large you could really see what it looks like on.The picture was taken in natural light and no foundation/ powder, just bare skin.

      Till my next post

      Stay pwetty

      Its not for me but maybe for you

       Hey pwetties

      Long time no blog am back in UNI so my attention is divided and the last is the last thing on my mind is my blog and yotube.

      This is a quickie post because i thought it would be helpful to some ladies. Recently i discovered an organic brand called GIOVANNI ( i promise am not a product junky). So I got the leave in conditioner just to try and i scream out loud I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT but thats because it made my fluffy EXTRA thick. My hair is fairly thick and full and the body this product gave me was intense i could not comb my hair with ease even when it was wet.

      This product will actually work for you if you are looking for volume,body and with the added bonus (its a leave in conditioner). I will recommend this because even though my hair was extra quick, fluffy stayed moist the whole week without me even spraying Juices and Berries. Its light so you do not have to worry about product build up.

      You can buy this product from Target and (Its cheaper on the website)

      Stay Pwetty

      Sunday, February 7, 2010

      Multipurpose look

      Hey my pwetty ladies

      Goodness ladies i just realised i did not put up pictures from my last tutorial and am very very very sorry. I hope you like the make up i called it multipurpose because it suits all kinds of occasions its similar to my nudes look i did a while back but this time it has a bit ofmultipurpose a sparkle to it and i always try to make it easy to do. Let me know how it looks if you decide to try it.And lastly if you ladies have any questions please do not think twice about sending me an email and if i do not have answers i promise i will find someone who does.

      I do not like the way my pictures look when i upload them. destroys the quality and the colours do not look clear enough. Please if anyone knows a better way i can upload pictures please let me know

      Stay pwetty

      Chocolate edible skin yummy yummy yummmmm

      Hey pwetties

      I just wanted to take the time off to introduce my new blog called naturalsaturdays and its a collaboration with my two friends. You will also find the edible skin post there.Hope my pwetties are doing great.

      " "